Best Places To Get Momos in Kerala

Momos and foodgasm go hand-in-hand. Don’t you agree? We really need to thank Tibet and Nepal for introducing this absolute delight to us. You can find varieties of momos in God’s Own Country. There are even a few hidden gems that you may not know of. So, here’s a list of the best places to get momos in Kerala. You’re welcome!

Momo Land

Do you have constant dreams about momo land? We have to admit; we do. While our fantasy momo land might differ from the real one in Panampally Nagar, Kochi, it sure will satisfy your cravings. They are well-known for their Mangolian fried momos and Szechuan fried momos in chicken, beef, and veg varieties.

momos in kerala

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Big Belly Momos

We guarantee that you will leave with a big belly after a scrumptious momo meal here. This place in Trivandrum is a “new age fast food restaurant cum cafe” that serves Asian cuisine, particularly momos. Dig into their non-veg momos platter, and relish the taste of the juiciness of the meat. For an added kick, order a mango blast, or tender boost for refreshments.

Big Fat Momo

BFM in Kacheripady, Kochi, is a place solely dedicated to crave-able varieties of momos. They don’t serve the usual, cliche momos that you normally get. Cheese loaded momos, momo shots, pizza momos, mutton momos, momo platter – you name it, they have tons of it. And they’re all fresh to order. Big Fat Momo definitely has a humble place in our momo destination.

WOW! Momo

Thrissur’s Puzhkkal is home to WOW! Momo. As the name suggests, it will make you go wow. Most people order their chicken pan fried momos and chicken schezwan fried momos. You can also try their sizzler variety, that’s even better!

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Dessi Dumplings

Your favourite dumplings can’t get desi-er than this. Located in North Parav, this place has seven varieties of momos. You can either go for the juicy, golden-brown delights (fried ones) or get experimental and try their chocolate momos. We’re a fan of their creamy chicken momos.

Shifu Momos

Shifu Momos in Panampally Nagar is one of the best places that serve really good momos. The raging reviews is proof of it. It is affordable, tasty, and the momos are, well, worth the visit. Don’t forget to try out Shifu’s Special, just saying!

Oogways Momos

Can we get a plate of momos already? We’re hungry already! The momos at Oogways Momos in Chavakkad is so good that you can instantly feel and taste the flavours coming right from the meat.


Let us know in the comments if you’ve been to Momo Street located in Vallayil, Kozhikode. If you want tasty momos fast, Momomia is the place to be in. From their menu on Zomato, it shows that they serve only veg momos, and their hot selling ones are schezwan steamed veg momos, crispy fried veg momos, and mixed veg platter momos. This isn’t the place to visit on a low-carb day, for sure!

Humpty Dumpling

Last but not the least, Humpty Dumpling in Nedumbassery is a must try. Would it surprise you if we said that their beef steamed momos is the star here? Their menu is simple, and you can easily choose the dish of your liking without breaking your head. Whatever you order will be memorable.

Here’s our list of best places to get momos in Kerala. If we have missed out any, let us know in the comments below…like right now!

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