Kerala Restaurants That Serve The Best Kuzhi Mandi

Kuzhi Mandi has its origins in Yemen. Over the past few years, this Yemeni dish has become such a rage in Kerala. People are in love with this preparation because it offers the best flavours on a plate. The dish is prepared in an underground pit that acts as a pressure cooker. The marinated meat is slow-cooked in the pit. The rice is cooked in the juice of the meat that is collected. If that visual imagery got you hungry, wait till you read about Kerala restaurants that serve the best kuzhi mandi you’ll ever try.

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Kuzhimanthi Kada

Kuzhimanthi Kada, located in Mala Thrissur, serves up some kickass, lip-smacking mandi biriyani. You can get unlimited access to the rice enriched with flavours from the chicken. They serve one chicken piece per plate, which is sufficient. You’ll also get a bowl of mayo to eat along with the chicken and rice. A wholesome plate of mandi biriyani awaits your presence!

Kerala Restaurants That Serve The Best Kuzhi Mandi

Nahdi Kuzhimandi

You’ll find Nahdi Kuzhimandi spread across 10 locations in Kerala, where they specialise in Arabian cuisine. They follow the slow-cooking, traditional way of cooking kuzhi mandi by creating an underground pit to prepare the dish. The rice and meat are kept underground for two-three hours so that you’re left with a flavoursome dish. It’s a clear winner!

Al Raydhan Kuzhi Mandi

If you find yourself in Thottasseriyara, Kannamangalam, you should definitely drop by Al Raydhan Kuzhi Mandi. You can expect a fall-off-the-bone situation when you order their kuzhi mandi because they follow the traditional slow-cooking method. The restaurant has had a lot of takeaways since the pandemic so all we can say is that it is definitely worth the try.

Kerala Restaurants That Serve The Best Kuzhi Mandi
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Kausar Kuzhi Mandhi

From mutton mandi, chicken mandi to Alfam and mandi rice, you can get it all at Kausar Kuzhi Mandhi. This place is located in Chenguvetty, Kottakkal. This kuzhi mandi place has developed a devoted following in and around the area. So, it’s definitely one of the best Kerala restaurants that serve the good kuzhi mandi ever.

Kerala Restaurants That Serve The Best Kuzhi Mandi

Al Reem Kuzhimandi

Yo Nedumbassery peeps can consider themselves extremely lucky! Al Reem Kuzhimandi has officially captured the attention of this mandi-obsessed state. Oh, did we mention that the price is damn affordable? To those who haven’t tasted kuzhi mandi yet or wants to try out new flavours of kuzhi mandi, Al reem is the destination to be in.

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Al Sheba Kuzhimandhi

Located opposite Al Hayat Mevaram, Kollam, this place serves up some pretty good mandi. We wouldn’t say that it is the best, but if you’re looking for a light-flavoured mandi, we’d suggest this one.

Kerala Restaurants That Serve The Best Kuzhi Mandi

Bait Al Mandi

Life is too short to not try mouth-watering mandi. So head over to Bait Al Mandi, and order yourself a mandi to die for. This restaurant is located in Calicut, Kaipamangalam, Chalakkudy, Trivandrum, and Kollam. Can’t decide what to order? Their Alfaham mandi is worth a try!

Kuzhi Mandi Restaurant

Uppala has a restaurant dedicated to kuzhi mandi so you can only imagine how good their menu would be. Here is a place willing to put in that extra effort and love to create kuzhi mandis that will make you feel like you’re in Yemen. A bite of it will literally make you smile.

Kerala Restaurants That Serve The Best Kuzhi Mandi

Arabian Palace

Arabian Palace in Perumbavoor has mandi so delicious that you will have recurring dreams about it. One bite of their kuzhi mandi will get you devouring into it. It’s that good!

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Ikku Bhai’s Kuzhimanthi Kada

Who’s hungry already? Well, we definitely are! Many food bloggers from Kerala have talked about Ikku Bhai’s Kuzhimanthi Kada in Irinjalakuda. In a city full of kuzhi mandi restaurants, this one stands out for its excellent flavours, rich meat, and appetising dips. Some even claim that this is the best kuzhi mandi restaurant you’ll ever visit in Thrissur.

Kerala Restaurants That Serve The Best Kuzhi Mandi
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Here’s our list of the top Kerala restaurants that serve the best kuzhi mandi. What’s your favourite?

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