8 Types of Kerala Biriyani you Must Try

There’s no doubt that biriyani is more of an emotion to a Malayali. Each district has its own style of preparation and secret ingredients. Freshly cooked from the PinkLungi kitchen, here are top 8 styles of Kerala Biriyani you must taste once in your lifetime.

Thalassery Biriyani 

With its origins in the Malabar Region, the Thalassery Biriyani is famous for its unique aroma and taste; the result of ‘Jeerakasala’, an unusual variety of rice, used in it. The biriyani masala is made from a perfect blend of Kerala Spices that add the necessary flavour.

Calicut Dum Biriyani

Also called as the Kozhikodan Biriyani, the Calicut Dum Biriyani is made by layering an aromatic chicken masala along with fluffy rice, fried onions, dried fruits, and ghee. It’s then tightly sealed and allowed to cook in the steam (Dum) with the marinated chicken in a large pot. Now, that’s what we call a biriyani worth eating!

Kudukkachi Biriyani 

Kannur is renowned for its special Kudukkachi Biriyani. Similar to matka biriyani, it’s cooked in tiny earthen pots. The flavour and aroma are different from the other styles of Biriyani. Did you know that Kudukkachi biryani went viral after the superhit song ‘Benki Benki Boom’ by the singer Sayanora Philip was released?


Mattancherry Biriyani

Commonly cooked with mutton, Mattancherry Biriyani is authentic to few restaurants around Jew Town and Jetty. One of the most famous restaurants ‘Kayees Rahamathulla hotel’ serves the ‘Kayikkante Biriyani’ which is the best Mattancherry Biriyani you can get your hands on.

Kuzhimanthi Biriyani

A biriyani for the diet freaks, Kuzhimanthi Biriyani uses no oil for cooking. It’s slow-cooked in a hole or ‘kuzhy’ which is freshly dug for over two hours. The meat is always fresh. The biriyani is loosely sealed making it different from the usual ’dum’ biriyani. It’s a result of Kerala’s historic ties with West Asia.

Malappuram Biriyani 

A mixture of authentic spices from the interiors of Malappuram, it combines the best ingredients of the other biriyanis. Available only in the restaurants around Malappuram, you have choices between chicken and mutton. Restaurants like Khaja and Faris are the best in town.

Shoranur Biryani

The Shoranur Railway Station is famous for its Chicken Biriyani. Popularly called the Shoranur Biriyani, it uses tender and juicy chicken along with the local spices which refresh the tired travellers and gives them a taste of Palakkad. 

Malabar Biriyani 

You must know that the biriyani in each region of Malabar tastes distinct. Malabar Biriyani contains coriander powder and tomato along with the common ingredients onion, ginger, green chilli and garlic, with each biriyani having a ‘special and secret’ ingredient. Though similar to the Thalassery Biriyani, they are not the same as this that is prepared without coriander powder and tomatoes.

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Shivani Sarat
Content writer and creator. Author of 'Black Daises', a poetry anthology.

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