Get Indian, American, Mexican And Arabic Fusion Grills At The Po’Boys Grill In Kottayam

Serving a variety of fusion grills, The Po’Boys Grill In Pala has won the hearts of Kottayamkaar with their super delicious food offerings. Be it their Kanthari Alfaham rice combo or their burnt cheese Burger, The Po’Boys Grill is your one-stop destination for everything food. 

The Po’Boys Grill is located near St Thomas School in Pala. You’ll find most of their customers gorging on their ever-famous rolls. We particularly are fans of their jumbo roll, which has pieces of beef, chicken, egg and bacon wrapped in rumali roti. You can only imagine the burst of flavours and meat inside the mouth. Mouth-watering, period!

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Apart from that, foodies flock around to gorge on freshly prepared Alfaham and cheesy fries. While you’re there, don’t forget to try their Saffron and black current mojito. They also serve dishes like Chicken Burrito rolls, Chicken Quesadillas, Shawarma Rice with kubboos, deep-fried prawn Po’Boy sandwiches, burgers with a variety of options, chicken & beef tower snacks, Chicken puri Shot and a whole lot more.

Recently, they introduced a new dessert called Banana Foster. This classic dessert was created at Brennan’s restaurant in New Orleans US. Believe it or not, the founder of Po’Boys Grill worked over there. It is made using caramelized sliced bananas doused in sauce and served with vanilla ice cream. The chef at Po’Boys Grill recreated this desset and added their own signature touch for the first time in India.

The ambience of the place attracts a young crowd. Don’t forget to check their food out!

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