Enjoy Four Different Cuisines At This Eatery In Kottayam

Looking for a family restaurant that serves a diverse menu of yummy dishes? Then the Kottayam Company, also known as Ko.Co., should be your next food stop. The vibrant multi-kitchen eatery in Kottayam defies expectations when it comes to its food and service. The ambience, on the other hand, has a modern outlook that is sure to light up your ‘gram feed. So gather your friends or family to eat, drink, talk, and have a good time at Ko.Co.

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Rustic, Modern Interiors Make You Feel Cosy AF

The cosy, spacious yellow-coloured interiors immediately catch your attention. People who’ve dined at this eatery in Kottayam will not stop talking about its lavish experience and eye-catching decor. The entrance of Ko.Co. is covered with climbers and flowers that have naturally found their way to the eatery. It almost feels like you are entering a treehouse. They also have a backyard seating area where you can host a party.

The Multi-cuisine Spread To Fill Your Tummy

The resturant chefs promise to tantalise your tastebuds with delicious treats such as chicken lasagne, thattukada pothy, karimeen thengapalil pollichathu, lebanese kebab, beef steak and more. From the veriety of dishes on their menu, you can be assured that you will be spoilt for choice. You can now savour an array of flavours that is bound to make you drool.

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Additional Perks

They also put up a quick delivery menu (follow their page to keep yourself updated) often. They set up up a list of things that they can deliver in 15 to 30 mins upto 4 kms around the eatery. To place an order or to know more, you can call them on 97474 54321 or 97473 54321.

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Don’t forget to drop by this eatery in Kottayam and relish their delectable delicacies. Kottayam Company must certainly be on your wishlist.

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