Malli Chepp: Cloud Kitchen For Homemade Food

Many of us love homemade dishes for their amazing flavours and freshness. In-house cooking methods, secret recipes, and homemade ingredients are factors that make homemade food unique. Malli Chepp is a Kottayam-based cloud Kitchen located in Mannarkunnu, Athirampuzha, Kottayam. Their motive is to provide the yummiest homemade dishes to satiate your homemade food cravings.

This venture, which is run by a small family of four – Ajas Khan, Hazeena Ajas, Fathima Ajas, and Ameena Ajas – has become a favourite food spot in a short span of time. When starting out, their only concern was to do something different in a field that interests all four of them. As cooking was a major interest to all, it was easy for them to arrive at the cloud kitchen idea.

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“It was a longtime wish for us to start something new from our home that all of us can be a part of. Online businesses are common today. So we aimed to try something fresh. We love baking, but there were numerous home bakers around us already. So we decided to start our venture with main dishes. We started with our mom’s special biriyani. When sales started to show its growth, we added some more dishes”, shares Fathima Ajas, the co-founder of Malli Chepp.

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“Initially the orders were only through Whatsapp. The increase in orders gave us the confidence to move forward with our business. We made our Instagram handle, menu card and circulated them to friends and relatives through social media. This helped the word of our small venture reach more people”, Fathima added.

Malli Chepp

What’s Unique About Malli Chepp?

All the dishes made here are 100% homemade, and the in-house ingredients and cooking methods make them fresh and flavorful. The traditional style biriyani is the main attraction of Mallu Chepp’s menu. They provide mutton, chicken, beef, and veg biriyani. Along with mouth-watering biriyanis, they also have pizza (chicken, veg, paneer), cutlet (chicken, beef, veg), and fruit salad on their menu.  

Malli Chepp

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Malli Chepp currently takes orders with free delivery from places located within a 3 km radius. Additional charges will be added to orders outside 3 km. 

You can place your orders with Malli Chepp through Whatsapp and Instagram. You can reach them on 9847361003.

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