Vadayar: The Village Of Potters

The hamlet of Vadayar is located in Vaikom in the Kottayam district. Vadayar is a beautiful backwater village surrounded by the greenery of paddy fields and coconut farms. What makes it special, apart from the beauty of this village, is the artisans of the land who make pottery and sculptures with mud.

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The life of the inhabitants is closely tied with the geography of the place. The rich sediments from the backwaters led to the ancestors of the current residents pick up the craft of pottery. They passed this skill from one generation to the next. Today, numerous families in Vadayar make their livelihood using this skill.


The artisans of the village use the traditional form of pottery – moulding mud from black soil with their hands to create various shapes. The moulded pots are heated over a fire to dry them.

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But as lifestyle and living conditions changed, the demand for earthen pots and utensils have drastically reduced. This has affected the living conditions of the artisans of Vadayar, and they are no longer able to sustain themselves with just the revenue from pottery. That said, they still practice the craft out of love and interest in the traditions of their ancestors. In a time where traditional handicrafts are on the brink of extinction, people like the artisans of Vadayar who strive to preserve their ancient craft are of great value.


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Vadayar is not just famous for its pottery, but also for its astonishing backwaters. Visitors can witness the pleasing craft of pottery and enjoy a refreshing houseboat cruise when they visit Vadayar. If you’re someone who finds solace in the sight and atmosphere of village life, Vadayar is the perfect choice for you.

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