This Malayali Woman Wrote A 434-metre-long Letter That Weighed 5kg To Her Brother

Did the title of this article shock you? Well, it sure did blow our minds. Krishnapriya, an Engineer from Peermade, located in Idduki district, shares a close relationship with her brother. So much that, she wrote a handwritten 434-metre-long letter weighing 5kg to him.

On World’s Brother Day, Krishnapriya was disappointed that she couldn’t spend time with her 21-year-old brother, Krishnaprasad. Amidst her busy schedule, she forgot to wish him too. Krishnaprasad had sent messages reminding her of her absence and even shared screenshots of people who had wished him on World’s Brother Day. But, Krishnapriya didn’t notice until way later. When he didn’t get any response from her, he felt hurt and blocked her on WhatsApp.

According to Times Now, Krishnapriya stated that she would always make sure that she wished him every year. But this year, she completely missed out on it because of her busy schedule. She shared, “We share a mother-son relationship. I was sad because he stopped talking to me and even blocked me on WhatsApp.”

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This Malayali Woman Wrote A 434-metre-long Letter To Her Brother That Weighs 5kg
Credit: TimesNow

To make up for this, Krishnapriya decided to pen down her thoughts on an A4 paper. But, soon realised that she had more to write and wanted a longer paper. She went over to a stationery shop to buy some long papers but they only had long paper rolls available, which are commonly used to print bills. She bought 15 rolls of it and wrote a really long letter that she completed in 12 hours.

The writing was the easy part. Sending it to her brother was a task. Since each roll was 30 meters long, she had to pack each one of them in a box using cello tape and gum. The post office officials readily accepted her letter which weighed 5.27 kilograms.

Krishnaprasad, upon receiving the letter, originally thought it was a birthday gift. When he opened it he realised it was a 434-metre-long letter written by his sister. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Krishnapriya sent her work to the Guinness World Records for the longest letter ever written record.

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