This Kerala Doctor’s Super Neat Prescriptions Is Surprising

We all know how doctors write prescriptions. The only people who can decipher them are the chemists and the doctors themselves. But, there’s a doctor from Kerala who takes pride in writing prescriptions neatly, and that too, in a handwriting that deserves an award.

Dr Nitin Narayanan from Kerala, a paediatrician at a Community Health Centre (CHC) in Palakkad, has become an internet celebrity for his impeccable prescriptions. His prescription notes are so neatly presented that you don’t get anxious about understanding them later on. He avoids writing in a cursive manner. Rather, his prescriptions are written in block letters, which makes them easily understandable.

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When a pharmacist named Bency SD shared one of his prescriptions on Facebook, it gained a lot of attention.

In an interview with Asianet, he commented about his sister’s involvement in teaching him how to write really well. He was made to practise lettering in four-lined notebooks as a child. This love for writing became a standard exercise in his life, which he made use of while prescribing medicines to his patients.

He is well aware of the complaints that doctors normally receive about their unreadable handwriting. According to him, doctors tend to get really busy and that’s why they write the way they do. But, he tries to write prescriptions legibly even when he is busy.

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