These Doctors From Kerala Are Going Viral For Dancing To Pala Palli Tirupalli

Two doctors from Nalloornad Cancer Treatment Center in Wayanad are winning praises on the internet for dancing the hearts out to Pala Palli Tirupalli. The catchy song is from Prithviraj’s latest movie Kaduva. Their dance went so viral that Kerala’s Health Minister Veena George shared it on her Facebook page, stating, “Both are excellent doctors. Great dancers too!”.

Superintendent Dr Savan Sarah Mathew and Medical Officer Dr Safij Ali have received a lot of appreciation ever since their video went viral. They have been part of Nalloornad Cancer Treatment Center for years now. Veena George even stated that the hospital provides extremely good services to all of its patients.

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Watch the video of the doctors dancing to Pala Palli Tirupalli below:

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