Wldwst: Kerala’s First Streetwear Brand

The evolution of the hip-hop community dates back to the mid-1970s, and it was one of the most celebrated cultures in the whole world. This culture not only introduced new trends in music, but also fashion styles that have disrupted the industry. Streetwear is gaining popularity in India with many homegrown brands popping up. This particular line of fashion has more to do with buying into the street culture than fashion. Wldwst, Kerala’s first streetwear brand, has created a strong presence in the state by promoting streetwear and street culture.

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A bunch of friends from Kochi, John Jolly, Amith Vishnu, Anosh PE, and Daniel Francis launched Wldwst with an aim to popularise streetwear culture among Malayalis. “All of us were interested in hip-hop music and culture. This interest grew our curiosity to know more about streetwear. But when we searched for streetwear brands, most of them were quite expensive. This realization led us to start a streetwear brand in Kerala that provides quality streetwear collections in an affordable price range. Wldwest thus began in 2018,” shares John Jolly, co-founder of Wldwst.

Wldwst has a wide range of streetwear collections with unique names such as Westees for t-shirts (Oversized, Drop Shoulder, and Mock Neck), Headgear for caps, and Streetpacks for bags. Over-sized t-shirts and drop shoulders are some of their best-sellers.

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In order to promote hip-hop culture, Wldwest has also sponsored and collaborated in various hip-hop events. Some of the major events sponsored by Wldwest are XCULTURE, a skateboarding event, and The Last Chance – a hip-hop dance battle. Wldwst looks forward to being part of more such events in the coming future.

If you wish to know more about Wldwst, check out them on their website and Instagram.

Athul Madhav
A dancer, an aspiring actor, and a media enthusiast. My love for art made me a writer.


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