This Artist Makes A ‘Beautiful Mess’ With Colours

Beautiful Mess, founded by Hashna Maria, is a place where you can find unique paintings. The secret of her stunning work lies in the name of her art venture. Hashna Maria, the young architect-cum-artist from Ernakulam uses the technique of dotted abstract expressionism in her artworks. She can create astonishing paintings of people, landscapes, and figures using colourful dots and splashes of acrylic colours.

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Messy But Beautiful

Hashna has always been fond of painting. Her passion for art led her to pursue Architecture. “I learned this style of artwork during my architecture course. We had a paper called visual arts, in which, we were given the assignment to paint a tree. I tried a unique method to finish the painting. Unlike the usual way of painting, I splashed colours. All of my friends found it very interesting. So I tried the same method using acrylic colours and Rotring inks. I found it quite magical, and I started to experiment more in the style,” shares Hashna Maria.

Hashna Maria, the founder of Beautiful Mess

“Later, for an art exhibition, I created several paintings in the same style. I posted them on social media and they received quite a good response. With encouragement from my friends, I decided to start an art page to showcase my works. That’s how Beautiful Mess was born. Initially, I received a few orders. But when I started doing customized portraits, the number of orders increased gradually. Furthermore, celebrity portraits have helped my page a lot to reach a bigger audience,” Hashna added.

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Customization of Beautiful Colour Mess

Hashna’s art venture started three years ago. Initially, she only sold customized portraits and paintings. Now, she has developed the brand to include a variety of products like digital illustrations, postcards, badges, wedding invites, bookmarks, notebooks, sketchbooks, greeting cards, phone cases, etc. She shared, “I can do any type of customized works as per my clients’ requirements. Right now, my major chunk of orders is wedding invites, which I do with the help of my family members. They will help me with the printing and packing of bulk orders.”

Hashna has also participated in various flea markets such as Design Week, Onfleek, Kochi vibes, etc. The successful past three years of Beautiful Mess gave her the confidence to work as a full-time artist through her page.

Check out @beautiful_mess_by_hashna_maria to explore the magical artworks born out of Hasna’s creativity. Orders can be placed through this same page.

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