Things You’ll Relate To If You’ve Studied In a Women’s College

A women’s college is often considered very boring and girls dread the thought of having to join one. The thought of not having any guys around and also strict teachers and scary seniors can definitely be a nightmare for any girl from a co-ed environment.

The funniest and also most heart-warming part would be when these same people end up loving the place more than anything and take back every single word they had said before joining. Even now, people believe that girls can’t have fun on their own and that you need guys to take up all the responsibilities.

While some learn to stand up for themselves on their own, others would have a story of how such an all-women-environment drastically changed their lives and who they are. Here are some things every such student would relate to if they’ve studied in a women’s college:

“Women’s College aanennu ariyillarunnu”

“Women’s College aanennu ariyillarunnu”

Most girls would have that funny story where they went to see their new college in excitement and then stood there wondering where all the guys went. The dread of joining a women’s college would still be there and they would stand in horror realising the mistake they made. But the good thing is when the painful realisation changes to a thought of relief that it was a good decision after all.


Being from a women’s college myself, I would definitely say that never in my life had I seen so many types of women in one place. From the usual classifications of the pretty girl, gossip queen, tomboy, or nerd, you get to see that there are much more to what type of a girl or woman you can become. There are so many women with their own thoughts, ideas, and style, and being a part of that group brings out the best in any woman.

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That Prethyeka Freedom in a Women’s College

There’s this special sense of freedom when you are among this huge group of just girls like yourself. You are all different in some ways and the same in others. Conversations couldn’t get weirder (or dirtier *cough cough*) and voices would go to any volume. Girls feel more open to be weird and bring out their quirky personalities. Maybe the only time one would become self-conscious will be when someone is taking their picture.

Wear Anything, Nobody Cares

People saying online classes are cool because you can wear your pajamas in class, wait till you listen to the stories of girls who wear their pajamas to college. Either from hostels or even from home, you could wear literally anything to class because most probably you would find ten others like you. Comfort finds place instead of fashion and you can casually walk in with a messy bun, wearing your sweatpants and slippers without being judged.

You Dress for Yourself

You Dress for Yourself I Women's college

After seeing all these other women with their own vibrant personalities and styles, you start forming your own sense of fashion too. There is no question of judgment from guys, so obviously, girls feel freer to try and experiment with their clothing. They start dressing for themselves, which brings its own unique happiness.

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College Fests in a Women’s College would be the Best Days of your Life

Things You'll Relate To If You've Studied In a Women's College

College fests are of course one of the best days in the life of any college student, but if you’re a girl in a women’s college then it’s the day of ‘marubhoomiyile mazha’. Boys would come streaming in and nothing beats that sight of rejuvenation.

You Become a Part of True Sisterhood

women's college

There’s a common stereotype of women as beings who only know how to be jealous and hate each other. When you ask a student from a women’s college, she would beg to differ. Among the hundreds of unique, strong, and amazing women one would see, the one thing common to most of them is that they work together to bring each other up as a team. The belief that guys are better friends than women get shattered in an instant, as you find your true sisters among those wonderful women. Being competitive can be healthy and not always a nasty business, which most girls learn when they join a women’s college.

You witness true GIRL POWER

Things You'll Relate To If You've Studied In a Women's College

With just girls everywhere, duties go straight to every single girl in class and for some, it would be a surprisingly new experience. Many girls would have thought that the tough jobs would always go to the guys as usual, but here you start to get to take up things into your own hands. Whether it be physical labour, technical issues, or managing programmes, handling new responsibilities and being a new independent version of yourself would definitely be one of the highlights of any women’s college student’s journey.

Birthplace of the Feminist in you

Birthplace of the feminist in you I women's college

Most girls would admit that they learned the most about feminism once they joined a women’s college. Because what greater method is there to learn when you have real-life experiences right in front of you! Not only do you get to talk about it freely in class but you get to act as well using all the opportunities your college life gives you.

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You actually Start Liking the Environment

Things You'll Relate To If You've Studied In a Women's College

You must’ve started out thinking that once you’re ‘done with this place’ you will immediately find yourself a co-ed college to make up for your lost years. But that wouldn’t be the case by the end of your course. You find the ultimate comfort among your sisters, and leaving this second home will be more painful than anything you’ve experienced before.

What are some of your women’s college memories? Tell us in comments. We’d love to hear them.


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