Women’s Day: Freedom In A Sleepover

Women in PJs, some with sheet masks on, some doing their manicure, and casually chilling in the cacophony of casual jokes. That’s how the visual media traditionally portrays a sleepover with young women. While we can’t deny that this doesn’t happen, we would also like to show why a sleepover is an essential part of every woman’s life.

The Loose Tee and Boxers Night

Believe it or not, the best part about a sleepover is to wear whatever you want without being judged. The happiness that comes with the realisation that you don’t have to fix your skirt because it’s too short, cover up your skin because it’s showy, or even go through the torture of being sweaty wearing tight outfits is euphoric. Ramp walks with boss level confidence even when you look like a dishevelled homeless is a ritual in a sleepover. Your friends hyping you up is the best kind of affirmation that you can ever get, however, the world will never get to see this level of confidence we put up!

Food Over Friendship

Admit it, sometimes it’s the food that your host’s parents cook that motivates you to be a part of the sleepover than the host herself. As our taste palette completely differs, sleepovers become more of a food exploration opportunity. The chances of this being true are greater if you have friends from different cultures, and if you’re one of those unlucky ones who eat hostel food. Not only is there scope for trying out new cuisines, but also the opportunity to learn how to cook delicacies from the pros.

Sometimes the kitchen is taken over by the girl gang. Unlike how movies portray it, it’s not a smooth ride. From hunting for the ingredients to screaming out for help when things go wrong, the kitchen section is always in utter chaos. The best part though is your friend’s mother’s reaction to the condition of the kitchen once you guys are done cooking. Oops! Did we take you on a guilt trip? :p


Judgment-free Zone

Every girl gang shares a common set of interests and, hence, the discussion topics vary from gossip, sex, political issues, etc. depending on the interest. Most often, opinions and ideas, even ones that are hidden from their closest friends to avoid being judged, are shared. The lack of space is reinstated during a sleepover. From sex education to the recent romantic endeavours, the chit-chat lasts the whole night. Sometimes things get heated up when it comes to a discussion about our political, entertainment and social biases. Be it career advice or relationship advice, we always get different perspectives from our gang. Sometimes all we need is a mere assurance from someone that we are on the right track.

The only thing that doesn’t happen on a sleepover night is sleeping (unless you are that friend who dozes of when there’s an intense conversation going on in the background).

Raat ka Nasha

Ever wondered how the spirit of the night makes us spill truths? Apart from fun and smirks, we are sometimes caught up in a weird silence, a state of vulnerability. We lift our last wall of defence and let ourselves be vulnerable. As everyone shares their vulnerabilities and insecurities, a deep sense of belongingness is created. It is this sense of belongingness, the fact that you are not alone, the fact that you are not the only one who has pent-up trauma, that keeps us going during the worst of times.

It is also the time when we open up about words or actions that came from our friends that unknowingly hurt us. Communication becomes easier and this bond of friendship deepens as you clarify the feud between you and your friends.

I’m an Irukali, Drunk

Legend has it that there are two types of people in a sleepover – the irukalis and the naalkaalis. While the naalkalis enjoy their share of intoxication, the irukaalis are waiting for the naalkalis to drop some cringe content.

The dialogues and actions that drunk people do and say are epic. The weird dance moves and the Bollywood/ Mollywood cringe dialogues become the potential inside jokes. Some crib about their ex, some drunk dial their evil boss. You get the drill. The next day when you wake up nauseous with a mini memory loss, there they are, your teetotaler friends ready with embarrassing videos and dialogues from the previous night.


Amen to all those drunk dials and inside jokes!

In a highly patriarchal world, where we are pitted against each other from a very young age, what we need is the idea of sisterhood. Supporting and lifting each other up in the downs and falls, understanding why they did what they did. It is only as we grow older that we start understanding the value of female friendships and that -though slow- is progress. Cheers to the best stress relievers in our life!

Happy women’s day ya’ll!

Arja Dileep
In an attempt to balance between the aesthetics of an aspiring writer and the goofiness of a kid.


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