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The Best Biriyani in Kozhikode and Where to get it – A Guide

The Best Biriyani in Kozhikode and Where to get it - A Guide

As someone who proudly hails from Kozhikode and has a deep appreciation for its culinary delights, I often encounter questions from my less-informed friends who are eager to know where to find the best biryani in the city. While I always remind them that Kozhikode has much more to offer than just biryani, I can’t resist sharing the top best biryani spots in Kozhikode with them because who am I kidding? We love us some good Biryani!

KBC – Kuttichira Biriyani Centre

Placing KBC at the top of this list might raise a few eyebrows among Kozhikode folks  (because, yes, when we’re not eating biryani, we’re debating about it), but I stand firmly by my choice. Now, if you’re seeking a tranquil, intimate dining experience, this is not the place for you. There’s a famous saying that goes, “If the restaurant is crowded, it’s probably good!” (did I make that up? Maybe) And that’s precisely the lively ambience you can expect at KBC. This bustling atmosphere is quite understandable since everyone and their food delivery apps are ordering KBC’s biryani during their lunch breaks. But don’t worry, they’ll still get your order on the table right on time!

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The Best Biriyani in Kozhikode and Where to get it - A Guide

KBC, or Kuttichira Biriyani Centre, is situated near the beach on Gujarati Street. I recommend arriving early in the afternoon unless you want to share your table with a bunch of strangers. They’ve also expanded with two new branches on Jaffer Khan Colony Road and within the food court of Hillite Mall, offering more convenient parking options. Go ahead and order yourself a beef biryani (or a chicken biryani if you’re not into that), get a portion of chicken 65 on the side and remember, no biryani experience is complete without a fresh mint lime drink.

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(Kbc in Jaffar Khan Colony)
(Kbc in Hillite)

Paragon Restaurant

For me personally, the three key factors that define the ultimate dining experience are, first and foremost, the taste of the food; second, the quality of service and the overall ambience of the restaurant; and third, which is often overlooked but undeniably crucial, the ease of parking. Paragon, without a doubt, excels in all three aspects, and it’s no wonder why it continues to be the most highly recommended dining spot in Kozhikode. Acclaimed as India’s best restaurant for coastal cuisine (Times Now Foodie Awards] and consistently ranked among Dubai’s best restaurants (TimeOut Awards and Ahlan Masala Awards], Paragon continues to set the highest standards of taste and service. And don’t even get me started on that spacious parking lot

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The Best Biriyani in Kozhikode and Where to get it - A Guide

As for the location, you can easily find Paragon in a quaint corner, just beneath the CH over-bridge on Kannur Road. Or, like a wild Kozhikoden, you can let the smell of biryani guide you (I’m kidding, or am I ?). But fair warning, if you don’t make a reservation, you’re going to find yourself waiting a good twenty minutes (more if it’s on a weekend) to get a table. 

Kozhikode is renowned for its biryani, and if you’re seeking an authentic taste and experience, Paragon’s biryani is the most obvious choice. They offer chicken, beef, mutton, and my personal favourite, squid biryani, in half or full portions. Wash it down with a mint lime (because, yes, we’re health-conscious like that) and head home for a well-deserved nap. And Voilà! You’ve now experienced the average Kozhikodens Sunday afternoon. 

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Topform Restaurant 

You’ve probably tried chicken, beef and even mutton biryani, but have you ever tried fish biriyani? You have? Okay, but have you tried the fish biryani from TopForm, Kozhikode?  If not, you absolutely should because it’s a delightful explosion of flavours served on a plate.

TopForm is one of those timeless, reliable restaurants in Kozhikode where you can savour a delicious meal while enjoying conversations with friends and family. Don’t get me wrong; it does have its busy times, but the interior is quite spacious, and they have multiple floors, so you won’t have to fret about waiting for a table. It is located in the centre of Kozhikode town, opposite the new KSRTC bus stand, Mavoor Road. 

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Hotel Rahmath

The Best Biriyani in Kozhikode and Where to get it - A Guide

What kind of Kozhikode Biryani article would this be if I didn’t mention Rahmath Hotel? While there have been mixed reviews about Rahmath recently, I steadfastly believe that their beef biryani ranks among the best in Kozhikode. This is another one of those crowded, bustling, easy-to-find, but hard-to-park spaces where the food is great, but the rush is horrible. But as they say, no pain, no gain, right? 

Rahmath Hotel has two branches, but I personally prefer the original one, located near Mathrubhumi 2nd Gate in Mananchira, because I find the taste to be better. However, if you’re looking for a secure parking area and a more spacious dining environment, consider visiting the Rahmath branch at Stadium Junction, opposite Thottathil Silks. Either way, you’re in for a biryani treat!

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Hotel Mammalis 

While the restaurants I’ve previously recommended are widely renowned and popular all over Kerala, I’d like to shine a spotlight on Hotel Mammalis, a lesser-known gem if you’re not from Kozhikode. Perhaps its limited seating and occasional crowds have kept it from receiving as much attention, but one thing is undeniable: Hotel Mammalis consistently excels in the flavour department. Sometimes, the most exceptional culinary experiences are found in hidden treasures like this, where taste takes centre stage over everything else. 

Hotel Mammalis, nestled a few kilometres prior to Kozhikode Medical College along Kovoor MLA Road, is a charming yet understated restaurant. Its claim to fame lies in its beef biryani, whose mouth-watering aroma can be savoured from a mile away. 

Kozhikode’s reputation for biryani is well-deserved, and there are plenty of great spots to try. Of course, taste is subjective, so if you find these recommendations to your liking, that’s fantastic! I’d also like to give a shout-out to a few other best biryani spots in Kozhikode that didn’t make it onto this list but definitely deserve recognition: Bombay Hotel, Zains Hotel, and M Grill. So, dear friends,  if you’re eager for a Kozhikode biryani experience, now you know where to go!