Best Restaurants in Calicut for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

It is a well-known fact that Calicut slaps when it comes to Malabar cuisine; here’s a curated list of the best restaurants to check out in Calicut, categorised based on breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Champion Hotel

Best Restaurants in Calicut for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Champion Hotel, located in Kuttichira, is a well-known restaurant with a history spanning nearly a century. An all-time favourite, especially for those who spend early mornings by the beach, Champion Hotel is mostly famous for its meatatarian breakfast menu. Some of their best items are beef chilli, fish fry and porotta!

How to get there: Once you get to Kuttichira, go to the famous Kuttichira pond, where you will easily spot this crowd favourite.

Edele Hotel

Edele Hotel, like its name, is inside a little “eda” (alley) in Kuttichira. Much like its sister restaurant, Champion, Edele Hotel is also on the brink of celebrating its 100th anniversary. They are mostly known for their upma-bonda combination, but nowadays is making a hit with their beef-pazhampori combo among the youth. Definitely one the best restaurants in Calicut.

How to get there: Opp Kuttichira pond, get into Halwa Bazaar road, and from there on your first left you will find an alleyway that will take you to Edele Hotel.

Narayanettante Chaaya Kada

Best Restaurants in Calicut for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

This tiny chaaya kada has been run by Narayanettan and his family for 30 years. They are famous for their hot snacks and tea that they serve in the mornings and evenings. Narayannetan’s Chaaya Kada differs from the others because they don’t store snacks in bulk but serve them hot instead. Mainly, pazhampori, parippvada, ullivada, neyyappam and unniyappam.

How to get there: Narayanettan’s Chaaya Kada can be found on the left side of P.M Kutty Road also known as East Nadakkav Road, in East Hill.

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Sri Venkatesh Lunch Home

Sri Venkatesh Lunch Home is a vegetarian restaurant famous for its breakfast and lunch menu, mainly their vada, upma, dosa, idli and filter coffee.

How to get there: Sri Venkatesh Lunch Home is just in front of the old Calicut Corporation office near Calicut Beach.


Lunch House

Best Restaurants in Calicut for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Lunch House is a restaurant that serves lunch exclusively and is famous for its traditional Kerala-style lunch meals, along with items like fish fry etc. 

How to get there: Located on convent road, opp. Kurial Lane near the Fire Station, behind Tagore Centenary Hall.

Ambika Restaurant

Ambika is also a place where they exclusively serve lunch meals, especially Kerala-style meals, but they are a crowd favourite due to their seafood menu that they serve along with the meals. They also have a ‘Samudra Sadya’ Thali, which is a Thali that consists of all kinds of seafood dishes along with meals.

How to get there: Ambika restaurant is located in East Nadakkav, on the right side of Wayanad Rd, parallel to Nadakkav mini-bypass road.


Best Restaurants in Calicut for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Geethabhavan, almost 60 years since its establishment, is mainly famous for its ghee rice and chicken fry combination that they serve on a banana leaf. Apart from that, what also makes them unique is their other non-veg items like duck and rabbit meat. They also serve amazing fish dishes.

How to get there: Located in East Nadakkav, on the left side of Wayanad Rd, right before you reach the KSRTC Service Depot.

Biriyani Places

Kuttichira Biriyani Centre

Kuttichira Biriyani Centre (KBC) is a recent opening in Calicut, which immediately got famous for its authentic Malabari/Kuttichira biriyani. They’re also known for their beef, chicken and other items.

How to get there: There are two outlets to KBC. The main outlet is in South Beach, right when you enter Gujarati Street, on the right side. The second outlet is located on Indira Gandhi Road, near Markaz Complex.

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Rahmath Hotel

Best Restaurants in Calicut for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Rahmath Hotel, established in 1961, is a must-visit place for biriyani lovers! They are famous for their authentic beef biriyani and also rear their beef from their dedicated farms. Located in the heart of the city, Rahmath Hotel is easily accessible.

How to get there: Located near 2nd Gate, opp. to Mathrubhumi. 

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Dinner (Authentic Cuisine/Arab Cuisine): 


Paragon Group was founded in 1939 in Calicut and is a renowned food chain known for its consistency and food quality. They are famous for authentic Malabar, Chinese, Thai and Arab cuisine. A culinary experience at Paragon is an absolute must for anyone visiting Calicut! 

How to get there: It is located on Kannur Rd, below the CH Flyover. 

Sagar Hotel

Best Restaurants in Calicut for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Another pick for authentic Malabari cuisine is Sagar Hotel, one the oldest and best restaurants in Calicut. Besides Malabari cuisine, they also specialise in Continental and Chinese cuisine.

How to get there: It’s close to the Kozhikode KSRTC Bus stand.

Topform Restaurant

Topform Restaurant is another must-visit place famous for authentic Kozhikoden Malabari cuisine! Their top dishes are chicken biriyani, ginger chicken and porotta.

How to get there: Topform is located on Mavoor Rd, opp new KSRTC Bus Stand.

Gazania Al-Bake

Best Restaurants in Calicut for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Gazania Al-Bake is a well-known restaurant, which was previously known as simply ‘Al-Bake.’ They specialise in Arab cuisine.

How to get there: Gazania Al-Bake is located on Mavoor Rd, nearby Baby Memorial Hospital.

The Light House Restaurant

The Light House Restaurant is a relatively new Arab restaurant that started a few years ago. The location of this place itself gives it a special ambience. They also provide a Majlis sitting along with the normal dining setting. They have been praised for their authentic Arab cuisine, which has been said to have no parallel in Kerala. 

How to get there: It’s on the Thondayad Bypass, Mathara – Palazhi Rd, opp Metro Cardiac Hospital

These are some of the best restaurants in Calicut I’ve listed down! Let me know in the comments below what are some of your favourite eateries in the city that I might’ve missed out on! 

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