Kerala’s First Pink Cafe In Calicut Is Will Glam Up Your Instagram Feed

Social media has taken on a significant role in our lives, and individuals are constantly searching for Instagram-worthy locations to get their followers to double-tap. One location that has gained popularity on social media is Lavesta Pink Cafe in Calicut, a stunning and vibrant eatery ideal for Instagram devotees. Located in Moonalingal in Calicut, this is Kerala’s first pink cafe, and people are raving about it.

Lavesta Pink Cafe is a unique diner with pink-themed decor that has gone viral on social media. Every square inch of the cafe is painted in various colours of pink, from the walls to the floors, creating a playful and whimsical environment. The cafe is visually appealing and has a variety of props and accessories that are ideal for making amusing and distinctive Instagram photos. One thing they promise is that everyone gets the pinkest of experiences.

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Influencers, bloggers, and wedding photographers frequent the cafe to take pictures for their social media accounts. For those wishing to add a splash of pink colour to their Instagram feed, the cafe’s design is ideal, and the inventive backdrops and decorations make it simple to shoot images suitable for the ‘gram.

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Lavesta Pink Cafe provides a variety of delectable and Instagram-worthy delights, so it’s more than just a gorgeous face. The menu offers various vibrant beverages, including Instagrammble flavoured lattes such as the unicorn drink, dirty black and blue sapphire, and pink lemonade.

From burgers, french toast, crepe, and waffles to pancakes, salads, pasta, and sandwiches, there is everything for everyone’s taste palette. The cafe also offers a selection of desserts, including cupcakes and cakes—all of which are created to look absolutely stunning.

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Without a second thought, Kerala’s first pink cafe is one of the most-instagrammable cafes in Calicut. So, the next time you’re looking for a fun and colorful place to hang out with friends or take fun photos, check out Lavesta Pink Cafe.

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