1980’s A Nostalgic Restaurant In Kozhikode And Kalapetta Is All About The Vintage Vibes

1980’s A Nostalgic Restaurant has been a thriving force in promoting authentic Kerala culture and cuisine for the past eight years. Having set shop in Kalapetta, they recently opened their new branch in the food capital of Kerala, Kozhikode. Apart from its delicious menu, they are known for its traditional homely, comfortable, and nostalgic architecture.

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They serve delicious South Indian food at affordable prices. That’s one of the reasons why people flock to the restaurant. You get everything under the sun from Wayanadan pothumkaal, mutton biriyani, meen polichathu, and meals to snacks items like pazhampuri, beef, and kattan chaaya. Their iconic tea shop is a crowd-puller; you might just come across a celebrity having a cup of hot tea over there.

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The ambiance of this place, despite being crowded on most days, is rather peaceful and warm. The staff is courteous despite the hustle-bustle of the place. You’ll definitely find the interiors quite appealing. Another great aspect of the restaurant is that they host events, musical nights, talks, and workshops. They collaborate with artists and professionals to promote art and culture.

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Go to the 1980’s A Nostalgic Restaurant in Kozhikode and Kalapetta for 1980’s aesthetics and food that reminds you of home. It’s almost like a place where you can enjoy the little things that remind you of your childhood and home state, and create memories while doing so.

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