Pre-wedding Photoshoot: Should You Have It Done?

Since the inception of COVID, pre-wedding photoshoots have become a common affair in Kerala. The trend has now grown so much that it includes some highly controversial photoshoots too. The concept of a pre-wedding photoshoot has also become a favourite mocking topic among meme makers, trollers, filmmakers and even the common nattukar. Considering all the negativity around it, only time will tell us if pre-wedding photoshoots will continue to thrive in the post-COVID era.

But for now, let us take a look at the various pros and cons of such a photoshoot. If you are a future bride or groom and in a ‘Confusion Theerkaname’ situation about having a pre-wedding photoshoot, then this might guide you.

Pros of Pre-wedding photoshoot

Enhances knowledge in chemistry and biology

Pre-wedding photoshoots are a good opportunity to build or strengthen the bond with your partner. If the couple decides to plan and execute the entire process as a team, they can understand each other’s way of thinking. The debates on what to wear and how to pose may seem irrelevant but can also act as a first step in comprehending and accepting each other’s wishes.

In an arranged marriage scenario, pre-wedding photoshoots can be seen as a sample vedikettu and warn you against what you are signing up for.

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Pre-wedding Photoshoot: Should You Have It Done?

The trial before the Mega event

In a common person’s life, the only day that you can become a hero/heroine is on your Wedding Day, technically speaking. Since photos are the only remnants of this special day, it has to be extra perfect. And to ensure this, pre-photoshoots can be seen as a trial to analyse the cameraman’s skills, the crew’s ideas, the perfect poses etc. This can help the couple to rectify any mistakes or incorporate any changes during the Mega event – The Wedding Photoshoot. 

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Memory chest

After years, once you have survived 20-25 years together, it is always good to look back at these photos. Your grandkids will have a gala time looking at their Ammuma and Appupan’s lovey-dovey photos. So a pre-wedding photoshoot might be your first step to building that memory chest that will be passed on from generation to generation. 

Remember how Rose from Titanic did not have a photo of Jack to show her granddaughter from another husband. Do you want to be in such a scenario?

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Pre-wedding Photoshoot: Should You Have It Done?

Cons of Pre-wedding photoshoot

Herd mentality and Peer pressure 

“Apurathe veetile Sashi had a pre-wedding photoshoot and athu viral aayi” or “Elavarum cheyun und, nammal cheythilenkil mosham alle.” – If these are your reasons to have a pre-wedding shoot, then you have become a victim of herd mentality or peer pressure. Following a trend or becoming viral on social media should not be the ultimate goal to get a photoshoot. The time, effort and money required are really high, so feeble reasons are only going to unnecessarily burn either your or your parents’ pocket.


Am sure all of us, at least once, have seen a pre-wedding photo or a Save The Date video and cringed at the content. Well, who would want to be in such a position right? Athare ullu, if you are planning to publicise your photos/videos, it is always good to view it from a third person’s perspective and ensure that your content is not verupikal. In the run to become viral, make sure you don’t become a meme.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot: Should You Have It Done?

Risky business

It is common for every couple and even their photographers to want the photoshoot to be unique and trendy. To ensure this, the location selected could be anywhere, from water to the sky. While you go in search of uniqueness, consider the risk involved too. After all, a photo at a cliff will never be worth an accidental cliff diving experience. 

Respect a ‘No’

There are chances that many couples may not be on the same page about having a pre-wedding photoshoot. The reasons could be many, such as being camera conscious, budget constraints, not being interested, against spreading photos on social media etc. Regardless of the reasons, it is never a good idea to force someone to be a part of such photoshoots. The ultimate aim of this concept is to bring the partners close and create memories. Force is not going to help in gaining either. 

No means no

A Pre-wedding photoshoot IS definitely not a must but it can still be a fun and memorable experience for the couple. So instead of falling for traps laid by event management companies like in Bro Daddy, weigh the pros and cons and make your own decision. After all, it is your special occasion! 


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