This Groom From Kerala Dressed Up As Minnal Murali For His Post-Wedding Shoot

Minnal Murali has created such a big impact that this groom wore a Minnal Murali suit for his post-wedding shoot. Amal Raveendran, who is a huge Tovino-Minnal Murali fan, had to showcase his love for the Malayali superhero on his most memorable day. His wife, Anju, was supportive of his decision.

Have a look at the wedding video that is going viral. The video with the groom in the Minnal Murali suit was shot in the Kottayam district of Kerala. 

Speaking to The Indian Express, the groom shared, “Our relatives were excited to see me in the costume after the shoot. My cousins had planned to wear superhero costumes on the wedding day. However, due to Covid and related restrictions, they could not attend the wedding. Many people were curious about the wedding after watching the ‘save the date’ video.”

Aishwarya Gopinath
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