Moments Redefined Does Beautiful Lifecasting Works

Memories are connected deeply with the emotions of people. So many of us love to preserve the memories of our loved ones in numerous forms such as photographs, videos, paintings, etc. They help to memorize the beautiful moments of the past. Lifecasting is a similar way through which you can cherish memories. Through lifecasting, you can touch and feel the proximity of your dearest ones in their absence. Shaily Agarwal, a dentist-turned-artist, creates beautiful lifecasting artworks for people. Her art page ‘Moments Redefined’ is a place where you can go for quality lifecasting works.

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Moments Redefined
Shaily Agarwal, the founder of Memories Redefined

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What’s Her Story?

Kochi-based Shaily Agarwal had her own dental clinic in Kochi. She faced severe problems running her clinic during the initial lockdown. The risk of the pandemic and lack of safety measures lead her to shut the clinic. “When Covid-19 initially hit, we were all sceptical about how contagious it was or how it was going to affect the dental fraternity. I had to close my clinic about two weeks before the lockdown because the spread was too much, especially where my clinic was situated. At that time, personal protective equipment (PPE) kits were not available to us. So, due to the lack of proper protection, I didn’t want to expose myself or my staff to Covid-19,” shares Shaily Agarwal.

It was during this time that Shaily Agarwal started to learn how to make artworks, which was her passion. She experimented with lifecasting from tutorial videos. Gradually, she started to enjoy lifecasting and this led her to pursue this.

Initially, Agarwal received lifecasting orders from relatives and friends. As the number of orders increased, she felt motivated to create an Instagram handle for her artworks. Now, a major chunk of her orders come through her Instagram handle, Moments Redefined.

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Moments Redefined

What Is lifecasting & What Makes It Special?

Lifecasting is the process of creating a three-dimensional copy of a living human body using moulding and casting techniques. You can create lifecasting models of the hands or feet of your loved ones and preserve them forever. “It’s done for newborn babies, children, adults, couples, friends, grandparents, and even for pets. The older generation likes to preserve parents’ hands and feet through lifecasting, so these lifecast models are something that they can touch and feel when the actual person passes on. That is something very beautiful,” shares Agarwal.

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Moments Redefined: From Lifecasting to Dot Mandala Art

Moments Redefined

The successful experiments with lifecasting led herl to learn dot mandala art by looking at tutorial videos. Mandala paintings, mandala earrings, sketchbooks and diaries with mandala covers, terracotta pots and ceramic pots with mandala designs for home decors, etc. are some of Agarwal’s Mandala products that you can place an order for.

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The professional shift from dentistry to art made Shaily think more about exploring her passion. Now, she is extremely happy and won’t be going back to dentistry any time soon. “When you’re doing something out of passion, you forget time. This happened to me after doing lifecasting and dotted mandala art. It was just amazing to realize what I was and am creating. Now I feel that I was practicing dentistry for 12-13 years without much fulfillment. I was doing it because I had a professional degree in it. But now, I enjoy art,” said Agarwal.

If you wish to buy products from Moments Redined by Shaily Agarwal, you can place your orders through her Instagram page

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