Malayali Women Scale Everest Base Camp With Zeal And Perseverance

Eight Malayali women have achieved a remarkable feat by scaling the Everest Base Camp after undergoing months of rigorous training. The group, consisting of Nihala Nazer, Bindu, Rajalakshmi, Preetha, Smitha, Anuja, Sheeja, and Saranya, hailing from different parts of Kerala and belonging to different age groups, received full support from the travel group ‘Appooppanthadi‘.

The journey began in Kathmandu, and from there, the team flew to Lukla, where the trekking started. The team faced numerous obstacles, including the icy cold weather, scorching heat, and difficulty breathing due to lowering oxygen levels. Despite all these challenges, the team persevered and reached the base camp of Mount Everest.

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Two group members had to continue their journey on horseback due to their significantly lowered oxygen levels, while others continued on foot. On their return, some members opted for a helicopter service due to exhaustion, while others descended on foot, accompanied by a guide and Sherpas who carried their luggage throughout the journey.

A travel group called ‘Appooppanthadi’ has already registered over 5000 women for their upcoming Everest base camp trip, which was announced months ago. The group emphasized the importance of regular fitness programs and decided to select only those members who demonstrated a strong commitment to staying fit. Out of almost 100 women who were interested in joining the trip, only eight showed unwavering determination to achieve this impressive feat.

It is noteworthy that Appooppanthadi and a 17-member women’s group named ‘Buddies’ have joined hands for many trips since their first excursion to Rosemala in Kollam in 2016. At least one or two members of ‘Buddies’ accompany the Appooppanthadi team on their trips. Among the team members who climbed the Everest Base Camp, Nihala Nazer was a member of the Buddies group who joined them.

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The remarkable success of eight women from Kerala exemplifies the unwavering determination and perseverance needed to overcome obstacles. Despite facing various challenges, they remained steadfast in their pursuit and successfully achieved their ambitious goals, serving as a source of inspiration for all women aspiring to explore the world and exceed their limits in pursuit of their dreams.

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