Malayalam Songs Comparing Women To Random Objects 

Malayalam lyricists have given us goldmines of songs. Some memorable ones and some, I hope to have never scarred myself with. And one thing I noticed in most of these Malayalam songs is that they rarely run out of adjectives to describe women. And god forbid when they do run out, this is what happens,

(I tried translating the lyrics, but Vayalar polum sahikyoola if I did translate it.)

Naleekerathinde Naatil

Lyrics: Nombum notenne kaathirikkum vaazhakoombu polulloru pennundu

Chaambakka chundulla chandana kavilulla

Chaattuli kannulla pennundu

Comparison: Vazhakoombu (Banana flower)

How Ragini supposedly looks like according to the lyricist: 

Ironically the movie is called Thurakkatha Vaathil. Vaazha koomb enn vilicha subodham olla eth penn’a vaathil thurakkan povunath?

Pineapple penne chocolate piece

Lyrics: Pineapple Penne Chocolate Piecey

Premichu Valakaathe 

Panchaara penne Punchiri paarenn chundodu cherkaathe.

Comparison: Pineapple and Chocolate pieces

How Karthika supposedly looks like to the lyricist:

This is the scene after they got married. 

For viewer discretion: Do not attempt this at home and call your newlywed wife a pineapple or chocolate piece. This is a stunt performed by professionals only. Karthika could not take him calling her a pineapple and chocolate piece and died 10 minutes into the movie.

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Lyrics: Palitta Panchasara Chaya Neeye

Uppilitta Manga Neeye

Thengin Mele Thenga Neeye

Nirathin Mele Mathi Neeye

Road’in Mele Tar Neeye

Comparison: Palitta Panchasara Chaya (milk tea with sugar), Uppilitta Manga (raw mangoes in brine), Thengin Mele Thenga (coconut on the coconut tree, because pana’de mel thenga sounds unrealistic), nirathin mel mathi (sardines sold on the road) and road’ile tar (tar on the road for some reason).

How Anu Sithara supposedly looks like to the lyricist:

When you get tired of all those unoriginal lyrics calling women their “Ellam ellam”, try this out. Spot the most random object next to you, and describe it to her.

Take notes: Ullivada’yile savala neeye, rusk’ile podi neeye, appazhte veetil’e maaman’de asthma neeye.

Pacha maanga

Lyrics: Ente Ee Style Alley

Stylennuotha figure alley

Pachamanga Pachamanga

Nattumaviley Maanga

Comparison: Pachamanga×2 (raw mangoes), Naatumaavile Maanga (mango from the village tree?)

How Navya Nair supposedly looks like to the lyricist:

The song starts with Navya Nair looking into a mirror and smiling. If only she would have conveyed to the lyricist what she saw in the mirror, he wouldn’t have gone to the extent of calling her a pacha maanga.

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Lyrics: Ival panchaara pazha paayasa cupile mundhiriyo

Comparison: Pazham payasam’s mundhiri (raisins in the banana payasam)

How Navya Nair supposedly looks like to the lyricist:

Get someone who calls you a paayasa cup’ile mundhiri when naatukar wouldn’t stop telling you “Unakka munthiri pole aayallo koche nee”

Maane madhurakarimbe

Lyrics: Maane madhurakarimbe

Malar thaeney madanakuzhambe

Comparisons: Madhurakarimb (sugarcane), malar thaen (honey from the flowers), madanakuzhamb (I’ve lost it by this point)

How Poornima Bhagyaraj supposedly looks like to the lyricist: 

This isn’t even the hilarious part of the song, Mammooty goes on to sing “dont go dont go mandipenne, ennod onnu speakikoode kuyile“. A+ for the efforts. And extra brownies to know what he added in his brownies before singing this.

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Chocolatey poley olloru

Lyrics: Chocolate poley olloree urunda meni chethi uppilitta maanga aakki maattum innu nyan

Comparison: chocolate pole urunda meni (a round chocolate body. Don’t try making sense out of it)

How Roma supposedly looks like to the lyricist:

Throughout Prithviraj’s career, there are few things he probably regrets along with us, the audience. Among those are his movie songs which consistently compare women to chocolate pieces.

There are two kinds of people in the world – Those who sing “God is a woman” and those who sing women are every random object they trip on. And thankfully, we as a generation have also missed all the hints and not stopped going “Dont go dont go mandipenne” since then.

We know there are a lot more Malayalam songs on the list, so comment more on such lyrics that simply wouldn’t stop getting poetic about women!

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  1. i hv always thought having these kinds of lyrics normal but as a adult these lyrics just didnt make any sense to me
    Finally found someone who thought same

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