Malayalam Songs That Test Your Breath Management Skills

I might not have been more than seven years old when Shankar Mahadevan’s album, Breathless, was released. I remember watching the song wide-eyed, all jaw-dropped at how a person could incessantly go on singing a song, without even a brief pause. This is one of those Malayalam songs that went on for three minutes nonstop and it was probably the longest I’d sat without blinking.

I’ve always been awed by how singers have control over their breath while singing long and steady streams of portions without a lull. How do they inhale swiftly and exhale gently during their rendition? While you break your head over this question or put on a smug face if you’re already a trained singer/musician, let’s take a peek at our bits of Malayalam movie songs that could potentially test your breath management skills. How many of these can you sing in one go?

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Chandanamani – Praja

Complicated tongue-twister-like lyrics, MG Sreekumar and Mohanlal are more often than not, a complete package! Don’t believe us? Okay, try singing this quickly under one breath:

Varaveenakal Mridupaanikal Madamodu Thiruvadi Thozhuthedu
Sruthy Cheranam Alivodathilanupadamanupadamazhayi
Mathimukhimamasakhi Mayilnada Ivalude nadanam

Harimuraleeravam – Aaram Thamburan

Of the multitude of things Dasettan is lauded for, the sustenance of the “ninne thedi” note in Hari Muraleeravam is nothing short of mesmerising. I mean, if I had to sustain that note for even a quarter of that time frame, I’d probably pass out like Ramankutty of Kalayanaraman while trying to show off his not-so-commendable music note sustenance skills in Thingale Poothingale. If you’re always up for some saahasam, why not give it a try?

Madhumozhi radhe
Ninne thedi
(i raised to infinity)

Pattiyilla alle? Potte vaa, let’s hit the simhathinte mada for some training!

Kithachethum Kaate – Hitler

Hitler Madhavankutty’s sisters’ definition of freedom is twirling, dancing, running around all sorts of places forming a human chain and mouthing tongue twisters all at once. No wonder they are puffing and panting super profusely after this bit:

Akkare Nikkana Chakkara Maviloritthiri Mutthani Munthirimaniyude,
Kingini Kettiya Cherucheru Kanavukal Kooduthurannu Parannidumorunjodi,
Chirakadi Padahavum Ilakiya Bahalavum,
Orucheru Kalahavum Athiloru Madhuravum,
Athuvazhi Ithuvazhi Palavazhi Parathiyum,
Oduvilu Palanura Chithariya Paravakalaye

P.S. Can anyone else render it so remarkably other than our nightingale, K.S Chitra?

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Pazhanimala – Narasmiham

If singing this song doesn’t up your breath management skills, it will deffo hone your naaku vadikkal competency, because every single line of this song will push you one step further. C’mon everybody, sing this out loud with us as fast as you can!

He Aalangaatechenachaarude Cherumakalavalude
Kadamizhiyambin Thumpiludakki Kachamurukki Mezhukku Vazhatti
Chutti Nadannittampalamuttatharayaaltharayil Kadhakali Melam Kandu
Madangivarumpol Kechakavesham Ketti Ramichu Kuzhanjathumucha Kazinjathum

For the unversed, that may have been a little overwhelming. So why not mellow it down and practice these lines first?

Hey Nattukalarikacha Murukkana Valpayattadi Pozhikadakan
Chadiketti Valam Pirivettitothirakadkamoridiyum Thadyum
Thalam…Oh…Kadakan Thaalam

Pularikinnam Ponnil – Friends

By now, you’ve probably realized that there are two types of songs in Malayalam movies that challenge your breath management – one that’s packed with such bits throughout the entire song and the other which takes the plunge, challenges you, intimidates you, feels sorry for you and then levels the game down to your comfort. This is one such song, and the bit goes:

Thakita Thakita Thakita Thakadhimi Paatinu Chiraku Kouthoru Sukruthi
Thakita Thakita Thakita Thakadhimi Kootinu Kuzhaluvilichathoru Kusruthi
Thakita Thakita Thakita Thakita Thakadhimi
Thakita Thakita Thakita Thakita Thakadhimi
Kadalum Karayum Pakidakaliyil Muzhukanu
Thiryaum Nurayum Kathakalezhuthi chirikanu hey yaa

Vilakku Vekkum – Megham

Nobody expects a romantic number like this one to bombard you with a breath management task. Again, that’s an MG Annan song trademark – a cutesy serene track could suddenly feel like a rollercoaster ride going up with lines like:

Kai vala chaarthiya kanni nilaavinu kodi koduthoruraatriyilannorilanji maratthanalathu kidannoru paaadu
Kadangatha cholliya nammude kochu pinakkavumetrayinakkavum innaleyennathu pole manassil theliyunnu

Anthikadappurathoru – Chamayam

Think Johnson Master and peppy numbers are not exactly something that strikes you. Apart from melodies like Rajahamsame and Kanneer Poovinte, he has also tuned tracks like Anthikadappurathoru that has portions with a continuous stream of lyrics without a halt, like these lines:

Kaarithakkidi naakkili mukkili thottu kalikkana
Kadalin kuttikalakkare muthu kanakkoru
Kochu kidaangaludichu varunnathu kandu
Malarppodi thatti kala pila koottana
Thaalathumbikalaayi vilikke paraya chendakalari
Tharikida melamadichu muzhakkunneram
Chaakara vannathu kanakku manappuramaake
Thimikida thimirthathai

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Dhim Dhim Dhimi – Maanthrikam

If you’re already gasping for breath, we’re sorry to say that this one’s not gonna make you feel any better. Yet another gem of a song with MG Sreekumar on the vocals, augmenting his breath management stint with:

Dhim Dhim Dhimi thimi
Nritha chuvadukal thatheey azhakodu
Thalakal Tharala
Madhura ravamod anupada milaki
Kanaka njorinjal akal uthirukayaay

Kiliye Cherukiliye – 916

Don’t be deceived by the title name of the track or the humming at the beginning – this one’s far from a walk in the park! Catch KS Chitra flexing her vocal muscles as she croons:

Thathakkili paadam koith kattaketti piriyumbam
Oottuvellam valiyumbam thottu varambarikathe
Kochu kochu meenum njandum pachappayum kuruviyum
Vattakkannan vandikunjum kuthichoolan kurumbanum
Vattampaala karangiyum njettikketi irangiyum
Idivetti mazhaketti puzhavellam kaviylam kalikkanum chirikkanum engengum chennirikkum

Okay, tongue exercises over! You may disperse and run to the kitchen for some water. These are the best Malayalam songs that test your breath skills. Have more? Let us know!

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