Love Stories In Malayalam Cinema That Deserve A Movie Of Their Own

Malayalam movies have some of the most beautiful narratives of love. From the protagonists to the supporting actors, all come along with some memorable stories that I hold onto dearly. So dearly that I would ask the scriptwriters to take all my money just to make a movie on them. Among those many love stories and lost love, we bring down 10 on-screen romances that totally deserve a movie of their own.

Thekkedathu Gopalakrishnan and AK Karthyayni

Love Stories In Malayalam Cinema That Deserve A Movie Of Their Own

Played by Unnikrishnan Namboothiri and Subbalakshmi in Kalyanaraman (2002)

Most old generation lost-love stories range from the ever grumpy Anjooran to the nostalgic Kochu Thresia. What we didn’t know we needed was a Gopalakrishnan who could be stuck in a wheelchair but never in his search for love. He even managed to get AK Karthyayni’s heart fluttering. And mind it, she’s been single for almost a century. Winking his way through every cute grandmother’s remaining years, this is a love story that would make for a hilarious romantic comedy.

Sunny and Sridevi

Played by Mohanlal and Vinaya Prasad in Manichitratazhu (1993)

The psychologist, who slyly denied all the superstitions, found love in the chova-doshakaari of Madaambi. This was one unexpected love story that played out beautifully by the end. For this same reason, it was quite disappointing to see no follow-up of them in the 2013 spin-off Geethanjali. Sunny had exited Manichithrathazhu by telling Sridevi “Nyan ende Ammachi’ney ingott aaykyatte” and entered Geethanjali as a sleazy version of Sunny who just cant stop throwing around innuendos.

I wonder if Sridevi saw it all coming and decided to stay single for the rest of her life. 

Easwara Pillai and Devakiamma

Love Stories In Malayalam Cinema That Deserve A Movie Of Their Own

Played by Thilakan and Srividya in Pavithram (1994)

Thilakan plays the paachakakaran who cooked his way to the heart of the kovilakam thamburathi. And for years to come, they celebrate this love for each other. One look at this on-screen-couple and it’s hard to not melt.

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Kareem Ikka and Moulavi’s daughter

Usthad Hotel

Played by Jagan Reju (young Thilakan) and Malavika Nair in Usthad Hotel (2012)

By now I’m convinced that every time Thilakan cooks, he steals some girl’s heart. Usthad Hotel beautifully narrates this skill of Thilakan. While everyone else made a run for Kareem’kkas biryani, Kareem’kka made a run for the bride for whom he was cooking the said biryani. Breaking into the cutest lovestruck smile, he describes her to his grandson as his “Hoori” even after years. Definitely a story I want to hear more about. 

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Guppy and Aamina

Love Stories In Malayalam Cinema That Deserve A Movie Of Their Own

Played by Chethan Jayalal and Nandhana Varma in Guppy (2016)

The innocence of first love is captured through the eyes of Guppy and Aamina. Quite literally. All he saw was her eyes, and that was enough to have Guppy go gaga. The day he finally got a glimpse of what Aamina looked like, we all collectively sighed with him. With their shared love for guppy fishes, how they swim through their interest in each other would for sure make for a feel-good plot.

Ayyapan and Kanamma

Love Stories In Malayalam Cinema That Deserve A Movie Of Their Own

Played by Biju Menon and Gowri Nandha in Ayyapanum Koshiyum (2020)

One of those revolutionary kind of love stories that is talked about less. These two are the ultimate definition of “nere vaa nere po” people who question the system fearlessly and fight it together. Every scene they share together reflects this unspoken dynamics. Outside the confines of his law-abiding police role, Ayappan is an extension of the rebellious Kanamma. A well-scripted movie about them would definitely be to the taste of the commercial audience.

Jameela and her Puthiyapla

Love Stories In Malayalam Cinema That Deserve A Movie Of Their Own

Played by Savithri Sreedharan and KTC Abdullah in Sudani from Nigeria (2018)

One of the most wholesome love stories on this list would be that of Jameela and her second husband’s. The epitome of an understanding relationship; they both share a mutual respect that extends beyond their individual selves. Watching Jameela’s son accept their relationship and welcome Puthiyapla back home would continue to tear me up. A movie about them spending the rest of their life as a family would feel like a warm hug.  

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Isha and Jinu

Played by Isha Sharwani and Nivin Pauly in 5 Sundarikal (2013)

5 Sundarikal had curated stories that kept me engrossed right from the start but “Isha” stole the show. Metaphorically and literally too. If executed well, we might have our very own version of Professor and Lisbon through Isha and Jinu (korach okke thallaam). This romance took the cake with its unconventional and unpredictable twists, and now the couple brims with scope for romantic heists. All it takes is a few glasses of wine and biscuits.

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Bonny and Nylah

Kumbalangi Nights

Played by Sreenath Bhasi and Jasmine Mètivier in Kumbalangi Nights (2019)

A love that brought the music out of the mute. I craved more screen time for Bobby and Nylah just for the pure intimacy they shared. From moonwalking for the starry-eyed tourist to welcoming her to his home, they spoke a beautiful language foreign to the rest. If ever there’s a second part to this gem of a movie, I would love to see more of these two.

CID Oommen Koshy and Clara

Love Stories In Malayalam Cinema That Deserve A Movie Of Their Own

Played by Jagathy and Kalpana in CID Unnikrishnan BA B.Ed (1994)

Jagathy Sreekumar and Kalpana have given us some memorable performances. What takes Oomen-Clara duo to the top of the list is the overload of cuteness. Bickering at every given minute, these two carry a playful love that makes us forget that it is all on the reel. When Clara shows up to say “Sponsor cheyyan thayaar aanenki ee nyanum varaam”, we were beaming brighter than Oommen. They’d definitely make the dream team for solving cases.

We know there are many more of such love stories that have left you wanting more, and the comment boxes are always open for those!

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