Hollywood Movies About Food You Ought To Check Out

C’mon, don’t deny that your tummy hasn’t rumbled at the sight of delicious food showcased in Hollywood movies. We’re human, and when we see food cooked to perfection, we’re bound to feel hungry. It almost feels like we’ve experienced the joy of eating it, even though we’ve never seen it in real life. That’s the power of the silver screen!

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Hollywood movies that have captured the essence of food by amplifying it with hunger-inducing background scores, appetising cinematography, and mastery in every cooking stage is an art indeed. We’re going to list down our most-loved Hollywood movies whose theme revolves around food. 

Big Night  – 1996

Two Italian migrant brothers and their thirst to serve their customers with the best, authentic Italian food, curated by their exquisite chefs, soon turns out to be an unexpected culinary adventure. We see what goes behind the kitchen during lunchtime rush hour. As the movie proceeds, we also see them struggle to impress their customers with flavours they’ve never tried before. The business is going down, but an opportunity strikes. The well-known Italian-American bandleader Louis Prima reserves a table, and the two brothers dedicate their heart, soul, and sweat to bring out the best of food.

The Hundred-Foot Journey -2014

What happens when an Indian restaurant opens up beside a French fine-dine restaurant in France? Rivalry! Throughout the entire movie, we see the competition build up between the two. But amidst the rivalry, we also see them value their truest self and find their own voice among the clutter by tapping into a deep sense of yearning for respect. The mix of two different cultures, the mouth-watering shots of food, the overwhelming set of emotions makes this movie worth watching. 

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Chocolat – 2000

No matter what we eat, there’s always room for dessert. In Chocolat, we see a mother and her daughter open a chocolate shop in a village in France filled with sceptic and unconventional people. Their struggle to win the hearts of people is real. But, they find unique and interesting ways to do so. The story is as raw as it can get it, in addition to, making its audience hungry for a chocolate-filled dessert. So, we’d recommend that you get yourself a box of chocolate before you watch this movie.

Burnt – 2015

Believe it or not, as much as this movie is about a fallen journey of a chef, it will definitely get your taste buds watering. Throughout the movie, we see the chef grow into a person of passion, and as he does, we also see his visualisation of his food change accordingly. That’s the beauty of this movie. Your foodie senses are bound to tingle! 

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Chef – 2014

Is Chef one of the best food movies of all time? Some of us can attest to that! Before we start raving about Chef’s Cuban Sandwich, let us tell you one thing. This movie shows us what it means to run a food truck. But more than that, it’s the process of cooking the meal that is soul-satisfying to watch. The movie gives you the opportunity to indulge in tasty food without really taking a bite into it. You’re going to feel hungry. You’re going to crave a Cuban Sandwich. And you’re going to obsess over this movie.

Apart from the above, some of the other movies that caught our tummy’s attention are:

The Baker’s Wife

Julie & Julia


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

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