Malayali Redditors Share Why Manichitrathazhu Is The Best

We all know that Manichitrathazhu is a cinematic masterpiece. Its undying popularity today holds testimony to its greatness. Directed by Fazil, the movie was remade into several languages but nothing compared to its Malayalam version.

A couple of Malayali Redditors have shared why they love the movie so much. We agree 100%.

I’ve said this before, Manichitrathazhu is THE BEST INDIAN HORROR MOVIE. Unlike most newer horror movies this doesn’t rely on cheap tricks like jumps scare or those God awful screeching noises. It relies purely on tension and uncertainty, it disorients us and confuses us and make us feel anxious and nervous. This is a movie that every aspiring filmmaker should dissect and learn. I’ve watched it over 30 times and each time I study it I find a new element that contributed to it being the best horror movie.


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Must have watched a 100 times I guess. Still, if I switch on the tv and Manichitrathazhu is playing, I’ll watch it again. There was a time where I watched the movie almost every other week on the TV. And I never felt to stop watching it. Such a brilliant movie.

The remakes are just that. Copies of a brilliant movie that lost their shine in the translation. They just can’t replicate the movie with all its brilliance again.


Malayali Redditors Share Why Manichitrathazhu Is The Best

I have always felt that every actor in that movie was competing against one another, it was that good. I want to just specifically point out to KPAC narrating about the thevars past has an eerie feeling, no one can talk about the past like she can. Overall a glorious movie to have grazed the screens and our television.


There is an entire series of FB posts (MCT Series) detailing all the hidden and intended clues/easter eggs in this masterpiece. try to read in the sequence.


I know right, this movie is a masterpiece.
The comedy is perfectly balanced with the horror elements unlike the newer “horror films” of today which relies on cheap tricks and the overly used spirit thingy.
Innocent and Pappu’s expressions (the “vellam!” scene is hilarious ) are pure gold. And also you are right about the characters- All of them are of equal importance to the movie.
Actress Shobhana won the National Award for Best Actress in 1994 for her portrayal of Ganga.
The dance sequence, in the end, was epic. And yes, in the remakes-the main character overtakes the other elements and the side characters aren’t given much importance like the original.
This is one of those movies which I would love to remove from my memory so that I can rewatch it with that tension and excitement all over again.


Even the effort of creating Sobhanas dualised character is tremendous. Two dubbing artists. One for Ganga. Another for Nagavalli. Professionalism at its peak in Malayalam cinema.


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I think Manichitrathazhu is the quintessential Malayalam movie…it is a culmination of the 80s-early 90s so-called golden age…the family stories good songs melodrama suspense ellam adangiya oru perfect entertainer…oru kalathum oru thalamuraykum marakkan pattatha film…it was a steady decline for Malayalam movies after that which then went into free fall for almost a dark decade until a new generation ignited a glorious renaissance which we are at the moment.


Chilanka Naadam gave me the creeps. So much so that for a week or so after watching the movie, I’d keep looking behind while walking alone or sitting in the backseat of our Fiat Padmini, convinced that Nagavalli was chasing me.

– zaphod_thorbowski

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