Lighthouses In Kerala That Have Stood The Test Of Time

The lighthouses in Kerala stand tall and proud, despite facing the wrath of the harsh weather. Each of them tells us a lot about the history that was. Kerala is home to beautiful lighthouses that are constantly visited by travellers and localities. Let these must-visit lighthouses in Kerala inspire you to take a trip to experience beautiful landscapes.

Alappuzha Lighthouse

This lighthouse is over 150 years old, yet it looks majestic and charming. Its history goes way back to 1862. While it was constructed during Marthanda Varma-II Maharaja’s rule, it saw completion during Rama Varma Maharaja of Travancore’s rule. This is an iconic spot in Alappuzha – get out there!

Vizhinjam Lighthouse

On the coast of Kovalam beach, you’ll find the beautiful Vizhinjam Lighthouse staring at the sea. It was built in 1925. Tourists over there have had a fair share of exploring the lighthouse in its beauty, and it comes really cheap.

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Puthuvype Lighthouse

Aka Vypin Lighthouse or Cochin Lighthouse. It is considered to be the 2nd tallest lighthouse in Kerala after Tangasseri lighthouse. You’d really find it difficult to reach the top of the lighthouse, but it’s worth the effort. Do note that this lighthouse is closed on Mondays. So if you’re in Vypin or Puthuvype Beach, don’t forget to head over here.

Kadalur Point Lighthouse

In one of Kerala’s fabled districts, Kozhikode, lies an absolutely stunning lighthouse painted with white and black circular bands. Kadalur Point Lighthouse, or locally known as Nandi lighthouse, began operating in 1907. After a day of exploring Koyilandy, you might want to drop by this lighthouse to witness the panoramic view of Kozhikode.

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Chetwai Lighthouse

The temple town of Kerala, Guruvayour, is also home to a lighthouse that was inaugurated on 29 September 1986. The 30-metre tall Chetwai Lighthouse has 250 steep steps to reach the top. The view of the Arabian sea from up top is crazy. Unlike other iconic lighthouses in Kerala, this one attracts fewer crowds.

Azhikode Lighthouse

Travel to Kondungallor to visit the Azhikode lighthouse. This 30-meter long lighthouse was earlier known as Periyar River Lighthouse. The structure looks different when compared to other lighthouses.

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Thikkoti Lighthouse 

One of the beautiful aspects of the Thikkoti Lighthouse in Kozhikode is that it is built over a shipwreck that crashed the shore of Payyoli beach. Today, it is one of the most beloved landmarks in Calicut.

Lighthouses In Kerala That Have Stood The Test Of Time

Ponnani Lighthouse

The Ponnani Lighthouse is situated on the south bank of the Bharathappuzha river so you can only imagine what the view is like. Constructed in 1983, this lighthouse is an impressive example of Kerala’s marvellous lighthouse architecture.

Munro Lighthouse

This historical site, located in Pallom, was built around 200 years ago by Colonel John Munro, thus the name. In the 19th century, this lighthouse was used to guide boats and ships coming from Alleppey to Kottyam. It truly is one of the most mesmerising lighthouses in Kerala. An architectural marvel, indeed.

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Anjengo Lighthouse

Some people claim that Anjengo Light House has the best view seen from any lighthouse. Close to Anchuthengu Fort in Anchuthengu, this lighthouse overlooks layers of coconut palms with snake-like structures of the backwaters running between them. It definitely tops our list of “must-see” lighthouses in Kerala.

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