Kerala Teen Jishnu Becomes Superstar After Putting Up A Flex Of Himself

Many of us who watched KGF might be able to recall famous dialogues from the movie. But not many would live by those dialogues. Jishnu, a teenager in Kerala, decided to become a “monster” and announced it to the world on a flex (poster).

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Jishnu, also known as Kunjakku, was a regular 10th standard student but did something extraordinary after his SSLC exams. You might think that we are hinting at him securing A+ in all subjects. No, he did not secure A+ grades but cleared all his exams. It is what he did after passing SSLC exams that makes him extraordinary. He installed a flex congratulating himself for clearing Grade X, with the caption

“History makes way for some people” and also added, “I congratulate myself for acing the 2022 SSLC examination”. He also reminded the viewers that this was just the beginning and that they should wait for his “3.0 version”. On being asked, by the various media sources, what he meant by “3.0 version”, he pleasantly stated that he would put up a similar flex after clearing his 11th and 12th standard exams.

Jishnu hails from Kodumannu in Pathanamthitta and the flex has been put up at a prime location in the locality. On seeing a number of posters with photos of students, Jishnu had the desire to see his photo one a flex too. With the help of his friends and seniors, he was able to put up a flex for ₹400.

Now, you might wonder what makes this story special and why Jishnu is garnering appreciation. Jishnu’s story is one of determination and hard work. His parents are daily wage workers, and both he and his twin sister had to study under kerosene lamps as their house does not have electricity. For a teen to overcome such adversities and secure success is, as Jishnu mentioned in his flex, “marana mass”.

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Jishnu has since gone viral on social media, earning praises from the netizens around the world. Kerala’s Education Minister, V. Sivankutty, also praised Jishnu’s efforts and wished him success in the exam of life.

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