Kerala Man Uses Bumble To Find A Rental Apartment In Mumbai

There are two kinds of people in Bumble (the dating app); one who uses Bumble to find their soulmates or partners and then there is this man from Ernakulam who uses it to find an apartment for rent in Mumbai.

Netizens were left in splits, after Twitter user, Ana de Aamras shared a screenshot of a Malayali bumble user whose bio read, “Not a sapiosexual, Looking for a flat in Mumbai”. His bio also insisted to swipe right, “If you’re in Mumbai and okay to help me to find a place to rent in western line since I don’t know Hindi”. According to this creative Malayali, the easiest way to his heart was to send him leads of non-brokerage properties in Andheri and that no judgements would be made if brokerages are asked for.

The post has been popular garnering more than 2.5k likes on Twitter. The netizens praised the ingenuity of the Malayali. His brilliant usage of the platform for a purpose unthought-of was humorous as well as innovative. Ana de Aamras shared the screenshot with the description, “No YOU’RE looking for a soulmate on bumble, he’s looking to rent a place in Bombay”.

It was not just the bio that humorously stood out but how the netizens reacted to it too. Comments like “dude has his priorities straight”, “Dude has a better chance of finding a soulmate on Bumble than a good flat in Bombay” stood out. 

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