India’s First Water Metro In Kochi: Everything You Need To Know

PM Narendra Modi is all set to launch India’s first-ever Water Metro in Kochi, Kerala, on April 25th. This unique urban mass transit system promises the same level of comfort and convenience as a conventional Metro system, making it an excellent solution for cities like Kochi.

The Water Metro is a public transport system designed to operate on Kochi’s vast network of backwaters. It is being introduced by the Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) in association with the Kerala Shipping and Inland Navigation Corporation (KSINC) to cater to the transportation needs of the local population and reduce traffic congestion on roads. The service will connect islands in the Kochi backwaters with the mainland, providing an efficient and affordable mode of transportation to commuters.

India's First Water Metro In Kochi: Everything You Need To Know

The Water Metro will initially have 23 boats, with a total capacity of around 100 passengers. Each boat will have an air-conditioned seating capacity of 50 passengers and is equipped with Wi-Fi and a mobile charging facility. Passengers can book their tickets online or through an app, making planning their travel easier.

The Water Metro would get 23 electric boats powered by batteries from Cochin Shipyard. A complete charge takes 10 to 15 minutes. Its maximum speed is 10 nautical miles per hour.

The Kochi Water Metro connects 38 ports over a 76-kilometre distance with 78 boats. The project is expected to cost 820 crores. The German KfW Development Bank loaned 760 crore rupees towards this. Kerala will contribute Rs. 1,02 billion.

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India's First Water Metro In Kochi: Everything You Need To Know

According to government sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approach to infrastructure and connectivity is to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach, so they are launching various Metro systems nationwide. The aim is to provide citizens with sustainable and efficient transportation options, particularly in cities where traffic congestion is a significant problem.

One such system is the low-cost Metro Lite, planned in tier-2 and smaller cities like Jammu, Srinagar, and Gorakhpur. The system promises the same level of comfort and convenience as the conventional metro system but at only 40% of the cost. The Metro Lite is a Mass Rapid Transit System designed to cater to Peak Hour Peak Direction Traffic of up to 15,000.

Metro Neo is another upcoming plan, which resembles an electric bus trolley and can cater to a ridership of up to 8,000 Peak Hour Peak Direction Traffic. It doesn’t require a standard gauge track and is being planned in Nasik, Maharashtra. The Metro Neo will have rubber-tired electric coaches powered by an overhead traction system running on a road slab with an exclusive right of way.

Additionally, the Regional Rapid Transit System is being introduced for the first time, connecting two cities in NCR (Delhi-Meerut), and is set to revolutionize regional development. The system aims to provide seamless connectivity between different parts of the National Capital Region, reducing travel time and improving commuter connectivity.

The launch of India’s first Water Metro is a significant step towards providing better and more sustainable transportation options for the citizens of India. The introduction of various Metro systems across the country is a testament to the government’s commitment to improving infrastructure and connectivity. The Water Metro is just the beginning of a revolution in urban transport. With the Water Metro, commuters in Kochi can look forward to a more comfortable and efficient mode of transport, free from traffic congestion on roads.

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