Kumbalangi Kavaru: A Spectacular Display Of Bioluminescence In Kochi Backwaters

The sea is a magical place. It’s full of surprises and wonders, but nothing compares to the breathtaking sight of bioluminescence. Kumbalangi Kavaru, a small fishing village in Kochi,Kerala, has been in the spotlight recently for its enchanting sea sparkle phenomenon.

Basically, sea sparkle or bioluminescence is a fancy term for a party of microscopic creatures like bacteria, fungi, and algae who can’t stop shining. It’s like having a rave party in the ocean with thousands of fireflies lighting up the water simultaneously! This natural show can be spotted in different parts of India, but Kumbalangi Kavaru is one of the select few places where you can witness it in all its glory.

Remember Bonnie and Nylah from the Malayalam flick ‘Kumbalangi Nights‘ rowing through the backwaters of Kochi, witnessing the fantastic sea sparkle phenomenon? It’s been four years since the movie hit the screens, but we still can’t get enough of the dazzling spectacle and crave to see it in the flesh. Who wouldn’t want to witness a show that even Hollywood can’t replicate?

Kumbalangi Kavaru: A Spectacular Display Of Bioluminescence In Kochi Backwaters

During March-April, the bioluminescent phenomenon known as sea sparkle can be observed in the backwaters near the sea in Kochi. As the wind causes ripples in the water, the visibility of this natural wonder increases. The allure of the sight is enhanced even further on nights when the moon is shining.

The sea sparkle becomes more visible as the wind creates ripples in the water. It’s best seen in Kumbalangi, Kallanchery, Anjilithara, Attathadom, and Kulakkadavu, especially when the moon is out to shine. However, the fisherfolk are not amused by this phenomenon. The fish move out when the sea lights up, resulting in a poor catch!

Despite the fisherfolk’s dismay, the sight of bioluminescence in Kumbalangi Kavaru is a breathtaking experience. I mean, the sparkling blue waters are already stunning on their own, but to know that this natural wonder is caused by microorganisms trying to get lucky and avoid getting eaten adds to the excitement. Who knew that the dating scene in the sea could be so lit? 

It’s fascinating to know that bioluminescence is more pronounced in the summer when the salinity and viscosity of the backwaters increase. It’s like a game of hide and seek between the bioluminescent microorganisms and the visitors. They only come out to play in the summer when the water is saltier and thicker, creating a brighter and more spectacular show. The higher the salinity, the brighter the glow becomes. However, bioluminescence is rarely seen during the rainy season; they retreat to their underwater hideouts, leaving us disappointed like a kid who lost their favourite toy.

Nature sure knows how to put on a show! Bioluminescence has been spotted in various places in India like Chennai’s Thiruvanmiyur Beach, Mumbai’s Juhu Beach, Lakshadweep’s Bangaram Island, Goa’s Betalbatim Beach, Karnataka’s Mattu-Padukere Beaches, and Andaman’s Havelock Island. It’s like nature is playing a “I spy” game, and we’re lucky enough to win!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a natural wonder that will mesmerise you, visit Kumbalangi Kavaru and witness the sea sparkle phenomenon. Who knows, you might even see Bonnie and Nylah rowing by!

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