If Mollywood Couples Time Travelled

Haven’t we always wondered what life must have been like for Mollywood characters after the movie ended? I mean, in most of the 90s and ‘00s movies, we see the lovers getting married and boom pops the end credits. Nobody really seemed to care what happened after marriage those days. The same applies to what their life was before the movie began. Of course, there are exceptions where we get lucky to see flashbacks or the journey of a person through decades in the form of prequels and sequels or in the same movie itself. But today we are going to let our imaginations run a little wild and throw in a few Mollywood couples into a time machine to see what their ‘blast from the past’ or ‘spin from the future’ look like. Yes, time travel it is!

So, hop in peeps!

Georgekutty and Rani (Drishyam)

Georgekutty was a major movie buff, so it is of no surprise that he had wanted a larger-than-life honeymoon akin to the ones they show in movies. In their heydays, they were nothing like the ordinary couple they have turned into today – talking about the dreary household chores and lengthy grocery shopping lists. Catch Georgekutty romancing away under cherry blossom trees and apple pookal with his wife who looks like the Amazon rainforest herself. Though I can’t help but add that it looks less like a honeymoon and more as GK gatecrashed into Rani’s bridal shower!

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Narendran and Gauri (Innale)

Who knew that Narendran (Suresh Gopi) would bump into his ex-wife Gauri (Shobana) in a taxi, 29 years after he left her baffled at the doorstep without a word? He wonders if she’s recognized him but unfortunately amnesia still seems to have gotten the better of her. Bewildered and frozen, he hands her his share of the taxi fare with his shivery hands and she accepts it with a smile.    

Shathrughnan and Devooty (Thenkasipattanam)

One of the many Mollywood couples whom we think would have time travelled is this iconic duo. I’m sure many of you are struggling to think if Shathru (Dileep) and Devooty (Kavya Madhavan) tied the knot when Thenkasipattanam ended. Let me dispel your doubts! They didn’t explicitly show them getting hitched, it was pretty much implied from the climax that ended with a song showing them together. Years later, we see that the couple had moved out of Pollachi, have migrated to New Zealand. Shathru is more than happy to be away from his adikkaan matram ariyavunna KD aliyanmaar. Shathru and Devooty can be spotted spending their weekends lazing by the lake and tracking down empty streets to master dance moves they’ve been practising since their ‘Golmaal’ days.

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Velayudhankutty and Anandavalli (Mazhavilkavadi)

After Velayudhankutty (Jayaram) left Palani in 1989, he led a happy life with his wife, Amminikutty (Sithara). Her father who was against this marriage from the get-go tries hard to cause major conflicts between them leading to frequent fights between the couple. They get separated and Velayudhankutty is back in Palani. He discovers that Anandavalli (Urvashi), the girl who was crushing on him big time during his Palani days has expanded her father’s business to a unisex salon. He invites her home for a cup of tea and we can see that they are both really looking forward to meeting each other after years.

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Jagannathan and Unnimaya (Aaram Thampuran)

And they lived happily ever after in Kanimangalam Kovilakam. Wasn’t that how Aaram Thampuran ended? A few years later, post returning Kanimangalam to Nandan who is the original owner, they set out to satiate their city life craving and land in Kochi. Their daughter is now all set to go to college and today we spot them making the most of their time with her!

Madhavankutty and Gauri (Hitler)

There was barely a moment of romance between Hitler Madhavankutty and Gauri, thanks to the former’s domineering and tough demeanor. Way before Madhavankutty got into the agricultural business, he had a wood exporting business that never took off. Conversations between Madhavankutty and Gauri, who was then a college student pretty much revolved around him throwing his harsh attitude around and blasting her off for barging into his office. Well well, what can we say? Some things never change. Indeed a ‘blast’ from the past!

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Sreekumar and Girly (Nokkatha Doorathu Kannum Nattu)

Sreekumar (Mohanlal) watched the ambulance carrying Girly (Nadiya Moidu) disappearing into the ether hoping that he would get to see her one more time. Much to his joy, a couple of years later she lands at his doorstep and says she is cured of her brain tumour. Shortly they tie the knot and settle in Bangalore. Twelve years later, Girly is pregnant and they are prepping to welcome a tiny little member into the family. Of course, they still goof around with the cosmo frill kannaadi that gives a stripped-down view of the person they look at.  

Who would have imagined this would be one of the Mollywood couples who time travelled?

So, I hope you guys enjoyed the time travel with Mollywood couples. Now it’s time to hit back to the present!

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