How To Celebrate Father’s Day Differently

Father’s Day is around the corner and you are wondering how to celebrate it differently this time. The usual wishes, gifts and cakes are, let’s just say, boring. How about making this day special for your father by fulfilling some of his wishes? 

Thaadiyum, mudiyum trim cheya

How To Celebrate Father’s Day Differently

Has your father ever requested to see you in a ‘manushya kollam’ (human form)? Then you have the perfect gift handy for him. Take the scissors and cut off that extra hair. Get your local barber chettan to help you with this task. Your father’s happiness would be beyond bounds when he is able to see your face clearly without those obstructing strands of facial hair. 

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Chaya, chaya, chaya!

Learn to make tea

If you are a person who does not frequent the kitchen area, then preparing a cup of tea or even an omelette for your father would be a great gift. If you can manage to cook an entire sadhya or at least a chicken curry, then it can be counted as Father’s Day gift for the next 2 years. Either he will be impressed with your culinary skills or he will beg you to never enter the kitchen again. Regardless of his response, your father will be happy with your effort even if there is a tempting chance to win a lifelong ban from the kitchen. So this is a ‘oru vedikku randu pakshi’ strategy.

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Go on a cleaning spree

How To Celebrate Father’s Day Differently

If you are an alankolam premi (messy person), then going around your house with a broomstick and mop might be a good idea. Also, ensure to pay extra attention to the maaraalas (cobwebs) hanging from the ceilings. If you are able to make your house spotless or at least bearable to look at, there is a high chance that your father will beam at you (open-mouthed) and internally praise you.

Technology time

Teach your father how to use technology

While today’s generation cannot live without technology, our parents’ generation is still struggling to live with technology. So spare some time from your busy schedule and help your father solve basic technical issues like installing an app, showing how to pay electricity bills online or maybe even fixing the damaged screen on his phone. 

A little guidance can go a long way. Your father literally taught you everything from speaking to walking, so this help can be seen as just a small token of appreciation for his investment in you. But for him, this could be a big deal and one of the most priceless gifts he would have gotten from you.

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Say “Yes” to that job/course

How To Celebrate Father’s Day Differently

Fathers are a nirakudam of advice, and we often let what they say go in from one ear and out through the other. But why not consider applying for the job/course that he has been talking about? Jot down the pros and cons of the job/course and if you find that you’ll be comfortable with the choice, it might just be the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Health is wealth

How To Celebrate Father’s Day Differently

Maybe you would not have noticed that your father is growing old. Maybe you do not know his entire health history. So this Father’s Day, why don’t you gift him health. Take/force him to do a full body checkup, and if possible, stay with him through the process. A hospital visit is definitely not a happy time but this small step towards prevention.

So this Father’s Day, instead of splurging money on expensive items, go on a walk down your memory lane, make a list of his little whims and fancies and fulfil them. That’s a unique way to celebrate Father’s day differently.

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