What We Can Learn From Oliver Twist In #Home

#Home was one of the many movies that won huge appreciation from the audience, despite being an OTT release. It was one movie that brought out an innovative theme to the industry, and also carries the ‘relatable’ tag. The movie portrayed a typical Malayali household and held up a mirror to show the viewers things that happen in their homes. An aspect of the movie that received huge appreciation was the lead character, Oliver Twist, played by Indrans.

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The movie is about the innocent and technologically challenged Oliver Twist, who struggles to stay in touch with his sons as they grow up and become active on social media. When we read a little deeper into the character, we find that there are a few lessons we can learn from him.

It’s OK to not know everything

Oliver Twist does not know anything about technology. But, he does not seem to feel bad about it, nor does he consider himself to be inferior. He leads a happy and contented life with his family.

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What We Can Learn From Oliver Twist In #Home

You are more than what you think you are

In one scene, Oliver’s son Antony (Sreenath Bhasi), asks Oliver if he has had any extraordinary experiences in his life. He mocks him when Oliver fails to recollect something ‘extraordinary’. But eventually, he finds out about one such incident and Antony’s views of his father change.

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What We Can Learn From Oliver Twist In #Home

It is never late to learn something new

Oliver is desperate to learn how to use technology and social media. But his sons were reluctant to teach him the same thinking it is beyond Oliver’s scope of understanding. But Oliver, ever curious, finds a way to learn it.

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What We Can Learn From Oliver Twist In #Home

What are some lessons that you drew from #Home? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to know.

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