House Of Aadhya: A Place Where Art Meets Clothes

Are you someone who loves to relish art? Then think about how beautiful it would be to wear art on you. The House of Aadhya is a clothing brand from Kerala which runs on the concept of wearable art. Here, you can find an astonishing collection of painted sarees, salwar sets, and lehengas that will please your artistic heart. Anjali Ashok, a young artist, architect, and entrepreneur from Ernakulam is the creative head behind this beautiful venture. Her artistic ideas were developed into designs, and then later painted into fabrics that make alluring wearable art for her clients. 

House Of Aadhya

The Story of House of Aadhya

“I’m an architecture graduate and I started my first art page during my internship period. Initially, I focused on portraits, cards, and similar products on my page. Within a year, I received quite a good response from people for my artworks, and I received a decent number of orders. My first attempt at fabric painting was on a dupatta that I posted on my art page. It has been widely accepted by people and I received many orders for that product. That’s when the concept of wearable art arose, “ shares Anjali Ashok, the founder of House of Aadhya. 

She added, “My friends and clients suggested I start a separate page for hand-painted clothes. That was the beginning of the House of Aadhya. Initially, I faced problems regarding the availability of fabrics and their dyeing options. After one year, I’ve figured out proper sources for fabrics and their dyeing and stitching process.”

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House Of Aadhya
Anjali Ashok, the founder of House of Aadhya

When Art Meets Clothing…

The concept of wearable art makes House of Aadhya unique and aesthetic at the same time. Floral designs are the signature of the House of Aadhya collection. 

The designs are hand-painted on chiffon, Chanderi silk, or silk organza fabric, as per customer specifications. All clothing materials from House of Aadhya are designed and painted by Anjali herself, and she has employees for the stitching and dyeing process. 

Majority of our orders are from other states and foreign countries. We don’t keep our collections readily available in the store. All our pieces are customised, designed and manufactured once we receive the order from the client,” says Anjali. 

Each order takes 2-3 weeks to get made. Once they receive an order from a customer, based on the customer’s specifications regarding the material and colour, the fabric is dyed, painted, and hand-worked. Customers can customise their orders according to their tastes in colours, designs, and fabric material. They can either choose a design from the page or suggest other reference images for designs.

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House Of Aadhya

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House of Aadhya’s price range of the products is from ₹10k to 25k. The price varies depending on the fabric material, type of works done on the fabric, etc. If you wish to present yourself in the charm of art, the House of Aadhya is the perfect place for you to reach out. DM @house_of_aadhya to place your order or for further queries.

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