Local Candle Brands In Kerala You Should Check Out

Candles have a lot to do with bringing in a sense of calm. Moreover, it adds an aesthetic aura to a space. We saw a huge spike in people using candles in their self-care routine since the lockdown last year. Somehow, our love for it shows the role it plays in our lives. The lockdown gave birth to many local candle brands. In this article, we will be exploring a few brands and newborn artists from Kerala who’ve managed to ace their candle game. 

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Lil Art Coffer

One word you’d associate with Lil Art Coffer is minimalism. Founded by Andrea from Thrissur, Lil Art Coffer’s line of candles is as gorgeous as the name. Handcrafted with love, these candles use pressed dried flowers that ooze a homely vibe. If you’re looking to amplify the aesthetics of a particular room or a cosy corner, Lil Art Coffer candles would do justice. In fact, you can get customised candles too. Just drop by @lilartcoffer on Instagram, and check out the offerings. 

Asoy Candles

What’s unique about Asoy candles is that they use 100% soy wax which is environmental-friendly. You will be spoilt for choice because they have a bunch of designs. They are a huge fan of making homes beautiful with their beautifully packaged products that come with signature scents. In case you’re wondering, Asoy Candles is based out of Kochi. Check them out here.

Candle Connection

If there’s one thing many candle enthusiasts appreciate, it’s meaningful calligraphy imprinted on their candles. Candle Connection is the go-to place if you’re one of those types. They also have a customised range of candles adorned with flowers that are most commonly seen on tiaras. They’re so pretty that you will be tempted to show them off on the ‘gram. Drop by the Candle Connection here, and get your favourite candles delivered to your doorstep.

Tiny Hut

Sometimes all you need in life is a little splash of colour. Karthika Sarath, the mompreneur who started Tiny Hut, has to be one of the quirkiest candle makers in Kerala. Her range of candles is a little hippie and a little hood. If Boho aesthetics is what you’re looking for in a candle, Tiny Hut is your destination. Check it out here.

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Before you check Thenga out, you must know that they provide other products apart from candles too. One of the main reasons we have included them in the list is because of their coconut (Thenga)-inspired aesthetics. Maria Kuriakose from Thrissur started a women-led business that made use of coconut shells to create kitchenware. All of their products are sustainable, ethical,100% eco-friendly and compostable. Their candle range is coconut-flavoured and handcrafted by Maria herself. We trust that these candles will remind you of home, and that’s the best feeling you could ever experience. Check Thenga out here.

Popular Candles

Are you still searching for a candle boutique in Kerala? Well, that means you have not visited Popular Candles in Kochi. From sophisticated-looking candles to theme-based candles, you can get them all here. They specialise in bringing life to any space, and that my friend, are words they stick by. Chances are, you’ll find the ideal Pinterest-like candle of your dreams at Popular Candles. Check them out here!

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Hope you like our list of local candle brands in Kerala. If you would like to add more to the list, drop a comment below. We’d love to know!

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