Get Your Music Produced For Free Now

If you’re an independent musician or a band, here’s a golden opportunity for you to get your music produced for free. Ashic Arun, a composer, music producer and singer-songwriter from Thalassery, Kerala, is giving out his production services for free.

For those who don’t know Ashic Arun, he is the person who produced the well-known song, ‘I’m a Mallu’ by Rinosh George. He started his career as a Sound Engineer, working at various FM Radio Stations ( Red FM, Radio City ) and then moved on to become a full-time film composer in 2015. He has collaborated with renowned artists like KS Chitra, Shreya Ghoshal, Benny Dayal, Karthik, Tipu Narayan, Shweta Mohan & Vijay Prakash. He has released six singles so far. Out of which, the song CHEKELE” has been featured on Malayalam Indie and Folk in India. Based out of Bangalore, Ashic comes with 13 years of experience in the music field.

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Get Your Music Produced For Free Now

I have been listening to a lot of artists on social media and they are amazing. They have loads of talent but it disheartens me to see them chasing views, likes and compromising on their art. They try to get validation from the audience on social media. We have many talented artists who have loads of options to distribute a song on streaming platforms without the need for a record label. All that’s missing is a good way of music production, which these artists don’t have due to lack of knowledge or money.

I have the time to help at least a few artists who hold the potential to make it big. All they need is a little push and belief. I have the right experience and knowledge to guide these artists and help them make their music the right way. And I feel I don’t have to wait to become famous to start helping these artists out. I am ready to help them with whatever I have right now because the right time to do it is NOW,” Ashic remarks.

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Ashic Arun is welcoming all kinds of music entries. He will select one song for the month of July, and produce it absolutely for free. To keep it simple, he is looking for an original melody with original lyrics. Most importantly, he is looking out for an artist who is serious about making music.

The selection process is simple:

  • Send in your melody and lyrics to
  • A phone recorded audio is enough for the reference.
  • Please mention the contact details in the mail.
  • Write a brief about the song if possible.
  • Mention your social media links in the mail if you have any.

The pandemic shut down all live music and music tours for the foreseeable future. Independent musicians or bands who just started out are trying their best to stay afloat. During this crisis, Ashic felt the need to uplift the spirits of musicians and give them a chance to shine. Moreover, he wishes to create a social safety net for musicians, hoping others would follow suit.

He says,

We have been listening to people complain about the lack of good songs in recent times and artists trying to ‘survive’ as musicians. And that is because there is less independent music being produced. Indie artists have great songs written but they are stuck at the production stage due to lack of knowledge to produce or not being able to afford a music producer and a mix master Engineer. So I would like to help these artists at least to start off. I also hope to inspire other music producers to help artists in their network, hence, increasing the number of independent songs in the market.

Consumers of music do not really have the time to search. for good music. Whatever gets marketed well is consumed. We can’t blame them. If indie artists want their work head, they need to work more and deliver more. That’s the way to tilt the balance and eventually win support from the audience. To win the hearts of the listeners, it’s important to make music for the love of making music first. We need to stop chasing the views and likes. People will eventually support good artists and good art.”

What are you waiting for? Send in your entries and get your music produced for free now!

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