The Lost Circus: The Experimental Music Band Making Waves In Kerala’s Indie Music Scene

When I first heard ‘The Lost Circus‘ upbeat single titled ‘Fly’, I was immediately drawn by the tunes of the song. Weirdly so, it reminded me of happy times I spent whiling way time with people I loved. If a three and a half minute song could take me back in time, imagine the potential the band has to evoke deep emotions within listeners.

The Lost Circus, with its origins in Kochi, is striving to craft music for the soul. They identify themselves as a five-piece experimental music band. While they haven’t figured out their trademark genre yet, they have quite the potential to break enter the indie music scene in Kerala, and in India. Their debut song, Fly, is proof of it. They experiment with different instruments to create upbeat music with happy tunes, taking listeners to a mindful, uplighting space bound to bring a sense of joy. Interestingly, all the members of the band have very heavy metal and hard rock backgrounds, and to see them break their own music barriers to create tunes with happy notes is quite striking.

We got them to share their story, and you’d definitely want to give them a listen. They plan on launching a fledged album this year, so look forward to some great music coming your way. Meanwhile, take a look at their story.

What’s the story behind ‘The Lost Circus’?

Sibin Paul K (Drums), Chris Paul (Guitars), and Rashik (Bass) started jamming in the summer of 2017. Nikhil Dominic (was managing Vidwan at that point ) joined very soon as our manager along with Safran Peter (who has been our manager since day one). The lineup was completed with the addition of Ashwin Aryan ( Vocals) and Lesley Rodrigues (Guitars). Due to personal differences, Lesley and Rashik left the band. Now the band has Akhil Mathew (Keys/Synth) and Nikhil Dominic (Bass). With the new lineup, we composed an entire album of which “Fly” is a part of it.

We searched for a name for our band for two years and suddenly came up with the name “The Lost Circus”.

Can you tell us something about each other?

Sibin Paul and Chris Paul were a part of SEGMENTS (now a defunct band). Chris Paul and Nikhil Dominic are a part of BEASTIAL MURDER (Experimental metal band). Ashwin Ariyan is a music producer and a guitarist. Akhil Mathew works in Digital marketing.

Your new release ‘Fly’ is brilliant. Can you tell us what went behind the making of this song?

Chris and Sibin were jamming a fresh tune one day day and when Ashwin entered the jam room, he immediately sang the lyrics and we knew a song has been formed. It just came to us, you know.

What’s your take on the indie music scene in Kerala?

Kerala has produced lots of amazing bands in every genre. But, the scene is still in its evolving phase and needs more support from every side.

If you had to recommend 3 songs to introduce someone to the indie music scene in Kerala, what would they be?

Like we said earlier, Kerala has produced lots of amazing bands in every genre, but if we were to pick three songs it would be:

 Avial – Nada nada

Motherjane – Broken

The Down Troddence – Nagavalli

You’ll be releasing your first album soon. How do you plan to go about it, considering the present situation (COVID-19)? 

We will be releasing our second single next month and we are planning to release another single after that and then, the entire album. Since the Covid19 has canceled all our future gig plans, we are eagerly waiting for the situation to become normal.

Who are your biggest influences?

Pink Floyd, The Doors, Tool and many more.

What’s your songwriting process?

Chris and Sibin create the structure from start to finish, Ashwin creates the vocals and writes the lyrics and Nikhil creates the required bass line. The Keys/Synth part is done simultaneously. That’s how we go about it, for now.

Where do you see The Lost Circus in the next few years?

The future is obviously something that no one can predict but still, we see ourselves performing, writing, and releasing more albums (10 at least).

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