The Radio Brew: A New Music Series By Masala Coffee

The founding member of Masala Coffee, Varul Sunil, discusses the band’s new music series, The Radio Brew and more exciting projects in line. 

Masala Coffee is a band that has transcended language boundaries through its alternative rock fusion music. It was a conscious choice to have members with different musical backgrounds to bring in the fusion the band has always promised.

In their new music series, The Radio Brew, Masala Coffee is going to be revisiting some of our favourite tunes we listen to on the radio often. “It’s just a fresh spin on these songs and we want to give listeners a different flavour to tunes they are familiar with. The name of course, albeit a bit cliche, is us ‘brewing’ Radio classics!,” says Varun. Cashing on radio songs that evoke nostalgia and good memories, the band is going to give their own Masala Coffee twist to these classics.

When the band comes together for jamming sessions, a lot of musical ideas and exchanges take place. It is during one such session that the members tried their hands at experimenting with many versions of radio songs. Thus the idea of The Radio Brew came to fruition. “There are so many versions of these songs that just get created spontaneously when we rehearse and we thought, “Why not record them the next time we play?”. These songs are a result of those ideas”, says Varun.

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They’ve just dropped the first song from The Radio Brew series, Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha – Tere Mere Milan Ki Ye Raina. Watch it below:

On discussing the latest developments of Masala Coffee, Varun remarked that the band has brought in Crishna, Aslam and Steve as the latest members of the band. Varun is super excited to have them on board because of the unique style they bring to the table. Aslam and Crishna are the two new vocalists of the band. Whereas, Steve is the keyboardist. The new members are multilingual, which breaks the band’s language barrier.

The Radio Brew

Varun comments, “Although they are the most recent members (late 2018), they have brought in their own style and personalities to take Masala Coffee’s music to the next level. These soft-spoken and unsuspecting frontmen bring the roof down at every concert. Uber talented pianist, keyboard player and gear geek Steve Kottoor completes the band’s lineup. He brings in a sound to the band that is unique and pushes every composition to take an unsuspecting turn with his witty musical ideas.”

Masala Coffee is known to give opportunities to talented musicians. So, we wanted to know how members are chosen, and what is it that they look for to strike the perfect chord. Varun, quite calmly remarks, “It’s never a case of ‘choosing’ people.  None of us is better or lesser than the other. We all share the same love for music and friendships and that’s what keeps us together creating music and memories. When it’s time to move on, it’s time. Until then, the universe takes care of our HR duties.” 

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The band has lined up a bunch of interesting collaborations and singles that will be coming out soon. We’re super excited for the song releases of Masala Coffee’s album titled Ektara. It is a multilingual collection of 13 songs. Of which, one has already been released. We all know of it as the reprised version of their song ‘Kaantha’. Check it out below:

Masala Coffee is also working on a new Telugu film named Katha Vintara, a horror film starring Madhunandan, Swathista and Shreya Navile.

There’s a whole lot of projects coming from Masala Coffee. You’re excited. We’re excited. The whole world is excited.

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