Body Shaming For Dummies: 5 Easy Steps To Guide Today’s Youth

Are you sad about body shaming going out of fashion? Then you, my friend, have stumbled on the right article. What you need is to go attend a family function and follow these basic steps.

Start with a Gentle Reminder [Orma peduthal]

People who lose or gain weight often tend to forget that they have become “Tadichi/Tadiyan” or “Kolaapi“. So, it is our moral responsibility to bring down their morale by calling out to them and remind that their body has transformed.

And oh, don’t forget the thin people. They’re probably not eating much and don’t know it yet either. If you find an overweight person and an underweight person together, karyangal eluppayi!

Kalyanam is directly proportional to your “Weight”

Body Shaming For Dummies: 5 Easy Steps To Guide Today's Youth

Kids these days do not understand how important it is to find the perfect life partner. Ee compatibility okke indavanennu munbe, our forefathers made the perfect checklist for an ideal marriage – weight, height, complexion, money, education and jaathaka porutham.

Pennkutti aanengil weight is very important because it will get discussed throughout their married life – pre-marriage, post-marriage, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, etc. Aankutti aanengil height aan main. Baaki items okke gender neutral aan. So stick with the gendered stuff, and since they’ll have to hear this for the rest of their lives, get them used to it now only…illengil ahangaram koodiyalo?!

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Excercise Cheiyu, Ellam Sheriyavum

Body Shaming For Dummies: 5 Easy Steps To Guide Today's Youth

Now that you have shown them the problem, you have to give them solutions. Namukk vivaram illa enn vicharikkaan padillallo! Pranayam enthayalum gunam cheyyum, appo start with that. Then move to the health messages you’ve received on Facebook and WhatsApp.

If you don’t remember the content of these messages, don’t worry. Just tell them you’ll forward it to them. But don’t leave just yet. Onnum paathi vazhikk vittu poovaruthallo.

Ellam Ningalude Nanmekk Aanu

Ee idayayi keettu varunna our vaak und “body positivity“. This is very dangerous. Kann adach paal kudicha mattullar kaanathirikko?! So we have to tell these children that we’re telling them all this to improve their aarogyam.

Ee “I don’t believe in conforming to judgemental, stereotypical, narrow-minded body standards” okke vrutheya. Motivation illathath konda. Give them some motivation and don’t forget to end with, “ellam molde/monde nanmekk aanu!”

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Thamasha tactics

Body Shaming For Dummies: 5 Easy Steps To Guide Today's Youth

If at any point in the above-mentioned process, the child shows signs of irritation, undane say, “Njan thamashekk prnjadalle?!” Chila piller paranjalum kelkkilla, tharkkutharam parayum cheyyum. Best not to waste our time with them (enthayalum parayanullath paranju), and move on to the next child who needs our motivation.

Appo these were some tips on how to go about body shaming in a world where body-shaming is fast going out of fashion. If you have any tips, do share them in the comments section. Nammudey traditions nammal samrakshichillengil aar samrakshikkum?!

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