Growth of Body Positivity During Lockdown

The ‘lockdown’ had made people go through a lifestyle entirely new for many while familiar to some. The outdoor life had influenced us all in its own way, and it had become so normalised that we never noticed how much till lockdown. One of the most significant changes would be in the case of body positivity, especially seen on social media, as a result of people getting used to their normal selves more during their indoor life.

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When we were forced to spend time with ourselves, we started discovering our real selves instead of the office-ready version. And luckily social media was more than delighted to welcome this change of lifestyle.

Curly is the new straight

Since one didn’t have to go outside and since all the salons were closed, more people started appreciating the lovely curls that they had dreaded earlier. Curly hair was always looked down upon and straightening seen as an integral part of grooming. But then captions changed to “Love for curls” and bad hair day frowns turned to happy smiles, as many people started to embrace their hair type and move away from the curly hair stereotypes.

Fat is now normal

During and also after the lockdown, people have got used to seeing their plump selves as normal and even appealing. Back when the perfect body was required for the perfect fitting outdoor clothes, an ounce of extra fat would be a nightmare for anybody. But then t-shirts and cosy sweatpants took over, and everybody enjoyed snacking on their couches and growing plump together. Instead of being too conscious about how they look, a sense of body neutrality came in. Instead of desperately trying to hide the pounds they gained, both women and men now happily pose for pictures as they found comfort and confidence in their new ‘lockdown-bods’.

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Less make-up, more skincare

When everyone got more time to themselves, most started off with the skincare routines they had always wanted to try. Then the love for this new and replenished natural skin wins over and people started becoming more comfortable in posting bare face selfies that they would’ve normally kept a secret. Whether with filters or not, having no kajal on, hair being a little messy, or some acne scars don’t seem scary anymore.

Lockdown and workouts

While some people embraced their plump selves, others finally picked up workout plans that they had been putting away. And that’s how the second set of people found happiness in their bodies, as that bit of exercise was what their body and health needed. Also, as going out was certainly not an option, people started to eat more homemade food, which would have otherwise got replaced by a burger and a soft drink. It’s always rewarding when you finally start to take care of yourself and see the amazing results.

What’s a razor?

This is yet another change particularly for women, as shaving your arms or legs weren’t much of a requirement during sweatpants-days. Instead of being appalled by their own body hair and also by others’, more women started getting used to it, and with more and more body acceptance posts on the internet, women have started to come out of their social conditioning. This age-old social conditioning has greatly affected the entire lifestyle of an average woman. Hairless skin has been associated with femininity for many years and it is sad how women are made to hate themselves for just having hairy arms or legs. Body hair is totally normal and it was about time we started accepting it.

While grooming and dressing up is important, being a little messy sometimes is always okay. Everybody’s free to choose how to present themselves, but never forget to accept your normal selves as well. A negative body-image has its own consequences on one’s mental health, and when you’re given the chance to see past that negativity, use it to the fullest!


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