9 Food-induced Disasters In Malayalam Movies

I’m a staunch believer in the fact that food brings people together irrespective of who they are. At this point, you might be reminiscing about Malayalam’s very own ‘Salt and Pepper’ love story and how Kalidasan and Maya instantly bonded over the drool-worthy rainbow cake. But that’s not what I’m going to write about today. On the contrary, I’m tilting the table a good 180 degrees and pointing my finger at all the times food has been a villain in Malayalam movies. Here’s to all the times Malayalam movies depicted food-induced disasters.

Ee Parakkum Thalika

How do you prefer your egg served? On a badminton racquet, please!

If food flying across the room is the first thing that crosses your mind, then let Unni and Sundaran bamboozle that thought a little. Let’s also not forget Veerappan Kurupp, the poor victim, whose only humble dream was to peacefully gobble down a banana and laugh his stress away with Tom and Jerry. From a parakkum paathram interrupting his feast to his face being smushed into bowls of ice cream (though I always wondered why the sole dude in the house will eat ice cream from 4 bowls!) to having a sunny side up sprout up on his Jayan-like virimaaru, he’s been through it all.

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What do you do when some schmuck guests get you raging? A) Give them a full tummy wash by mixing Vim in their food and B) Wash their hair with all the food, laden on the table. Sosanna of Amen undoubtedly went for the second option. The sass and pluck with which Sosanna emptied a bowl of chicken curry over the goonda her dad hired to beat Solomon up, is something to write home about. All said and done, it has to be agreed that the cherry on the cake is when the serving pan went smack on the goonda’s face.


How do you get the crap out of a nanny who constantly yells at you, eats your share of food and loiters aimlessly around the house when she is supposed to be working? Yeah, I can totally see you hazard-ing a guess at the Malayalam movie we’re referring to and yelling Priyam. On a different note, I sincerely hope and pray that my kid never gets to watch this bit of the movie Priyam where the three kutty musketeers pick up cooking oil, mulaku podi and gothambu podi to get even with their nanny. Albeit I must admit that this scene used to make me go all lol when I was a kid myself.

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The word ‘fight’ almost always triggers a sort of negative energy within us; I mean you imagine violence, gore, hazardous movie stunts and whatnot! But the moment food precedes the word ‘fight’ the whole mood is lightened up. There’s something about using food as a weapon to unleash your anger that’s harmless and even uncannily funny to an extent. This food fight from Vandanam where the uncontrolled movement of a riderless bicycle snowballed into a disaster is one such example. The scene takes us through a kotta of oranges unintendedly landing on a random someone to Kuthiravattam Pappu’s face pressed onto a cake to him further throwing it at Mohanlal – indeed chaos at its best!


You’re meeting your friend after a decade but you’re awfully mad at her! What do you do? Heck yes, shellshock her to the core by flinging a handful of ice cream at her face. Even better if that’s her least favourite flavour cuz revenge ain’t always sweet. In case your anger melted faster than the ice cream on her face, follow it up by wiping the mess off her face and giving her the tightest of hugs. If you’d like a demo before you wanna get around to doing it, Rosemary (Roma’s character) from Minnaminnikootam has generously offered to do one for us!

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Chronic Bachelor

Perhaps the most chuckle-worthy of them all is the scene where Kuruvi’s  (Innocent’s character in the movie Chronic Bachelor) brick hurl ended up breaking a pot that led to a man drenched in curd. Unnam illayima oru thettu allalo. What’s even more epic is when Kuruvi brings the man bathed in curd to Mammooty and blames the man’s whitewashed appearance on the overactive bowel movement of a crow with chronic diarrhoea. But maybe not as much as when he quite sheepishly asks the man “Thairinu entha vila, litre nu?” This is by far one of the funniest food-induced Disasters in Malayalam Movies.

Bro Daddy

Remember Lalu Alex getting all drenched in muck in the movie Pulival Kalyanam? Fast forward to twenty years later, history chooses to repeat but this time it’s achar that gets the honour of smothering all over Lalu Alex’s shirt in the movie Bro Daddy. If the person who said “Kara nallathanu” was in front of him, then that moment would probably have been the end of him. However, someone was kind enough to lend Lalu Alex a spare shirt; once again inappropriate for his taste. Too bad that he did not have a sidekick to exchange it with this time though!

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Food-induced Disasters In Malayalam Movies


I completely empathise with Paasha’s plight as the cake bowl from a waiter’s plate gives a flying thump on his face sending his kannada whirling in the air (yes, we kannada wearers know the agony). It’s bad enough to find your way out without glasses but the grand slam was when Innocent’s character slipped on the mess of a cake on the ground and slapped Pasha who was struggling to get to his feet. What’s more entrancing is how this minor tumble actually paved the way for the progress of the movie.

Mazheythum Munbe

She dresses up and goes for a wedding anniversary party only to have an entire bowl of rasam emptied over her head. Well, looks like this is the price one pays for pulling a fast one on their professor who was also an invitee to the party. Yes, I am indeed referring to Mazhayethum Munbe. I’m just glad that Shruti did not get the whole of the spicy rosapoo chammanthi she prepared lest her professor would have chosen the fiery mishmash for her abhishekam.

Did any of the food-induced disasters in Malayalam movies cross your mind? Shoot away in the comments!

PS: Did I mention that one shouldn’t be seeking inspiration from the above post?


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