5 Reasons Why Tharun Moorthy’s Saudi Vellakka Is A Film You Should Check Out 

2022 gave us some superb films, which were really worth the money. While some had us intrigued and thrilled, some had us rolling on the floor laughing. There were films that were thought-provoking and message-oriented as well. Amidst this, towards the end of the year, we see the release of Tharun Moorthy’s second directorial venture, Saudi Vellakka.

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Seeing his work as a writer and director in Operation Java, we all knew that Saudi Vellakka too will be a special film. Once the film hit the theatres, everyone was taken aback by the quality of the film. Let’s look at 5 reasons why Saudi Vellakka, now streaming on Sony LIV, is something you should watch right away. 

Simple but engaging plot

Tharun Moorthy’s Saudi Vellakka doesn’t boast of a complex plot or an element of suspense. The film tells a heartfelt and emotional tale, which will tug at your heartstrings. The tale is told through the characters in the film, each of which has a story of their own and a justification for the incidents that take place in the film. Tharun crafts one of the finest movie-viewing experiences with a screenplay that talks about how court cases drag on for decades without having the movie feel like a drag.

Moments that will leave you teary-eyed

Saudi Vellakka has these moments where the vulnerability of each and every character is brought out. It is through these moments that we understand the real nature of the characters and form an emotional connection with them. The movie draws you in emotionally so much that it might just leave you teary-eyed in many of these scenes. If you’re someone who remains stoic through movies, Saudi Vellakka will definitely test your ability to hold back tears.

Tharun Moorthy's Saudi Vellakka


Each character in this film is given a solid arc. Be it a character who appears for the entire duration of the film or for a brief 2-minute scene, each has their own story to tell. One of the most finely written characters in this film are Aisha Rowther played by Devi Varma and Sathar played by Sujith Shankar. Both these characters are given such a wonderful arc and such a human nature, that you cannot help but feel for them in their moments of vulnerability. The remaining characters in the film too, are weaved beautifully into the plot. The superb characterisation in Tharun’s script is yet another reason why Saudi Vellakka connected well with the viewers. 

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Music and Background Score 

While Saudi Vellakka‘s heart and soul are its brilliant script and heartfelt performances, they are elevated to a whole new dimension by the scintillating music and background score composed by Palee Francis. The two songs in the film are so aptly composed that it fits the situation perfectly. The background score is heavenly and elevates the emotions of each scene. When you try your best not to shed a tear, Palee Francis’s background score kicks in and you lose control. 

Acting Performances

The staging of scenes and the acting performances in Saudi Vellakak are so natural that they seem like something you might witness next door. The film is filled with outstanding performances by the cast. Lukman Avaran, Binu Pappu, Dhanya Ananya, Gokulan, Ramya Suresh, Nilja K Baby, and the other cast members give honest and natural performances. The two stand-out performers in this film are Sujith Shankar and Devi Varma. Sujith Shankar as Sathar is heartbreaking to watch. He portrays the helplessness and genuine love for his mother with such conviction and dedication, that you go on an emotional tour with him, whenever he appears on the screen.

Devi Varma in Tharun Moorthy's Saudi Vellakka

The trump card of this film, which makes it really special, is Devi Varma’s portrayal of Aisha Rowther. Her expressions and body mannerisms portray the emotional turmoil her character goes through. Aisha Rowther becomes a believable and emotionally connecting character also because of the outstanding dubbing work by Pauly Valsan. Her voice modulations were absolutely phenomenal, which played an integral role in the emotional sequences. 

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These are our views on why Tharun Moorthy’s Saudi Vellakka is a film that you should not miss. And if you’ve already watched the movie, tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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