OTT Malayalam Movie Releases In January 2023

Mollywood has raised the bar in terms of quality content in cinema. It says a lot about how we are adapting to new audiences and changing the way we consume content. We’re super excited to watch these OTT Malayalam movie releases in January 2023. So if you haven’t had the chance to watch these movies in the theatres, gear up for a good January.

Saudi Vellakka

OTT Malayalam Movie Releases In January 2023

Directed by Tharun Moorthy, Saudi Vellakka deals with a 13-year-old court case and the burden it has on all the people involved in it.

Releasing on 6th January on Sony LIV.

Mukundan Unni Associates

This is the story of Advocate Mukundan Unni, who wants to be successful in life. It’s as simple as that. The essence of the movie, however, lies in the way he achieves it. The perfect anti-hero movie in Malayalam cinema now exists. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t miss this movie. Oh, and did you know that we interviewed Advocate Mukundan Unni?

Releasing on: Disney+ Hotstar

Thattassery Koottam

OTT Malayalam Movie Releases In January 2023

A group of friends has to navigate the problems that come when one of them messes up a client’s work. In an attempt to impress a girl, Sanju messes up designing a chain for his uncle’s client. This causes a series of unfortunate events for him, his family, and his friends.

Releasing on: ZEE5

Shefeekkinte Santosham

Shefeek’s life turns upside down when he kind-heartedly gifts his Ayurvedic doctor for helping him with his ailments. The gift turns out to be a problem in his life, with the police involved. What is this gift and why is it ruining his life? Watch to find out.

Releasing on: Amazon Prime Video

Aanandham Paramaanandham

OTT Malayalam Movie Releases In January 2023

The Sharafudeen-Indrans-Aju Varghese trio in Aanandham Paramaanandham is definitely a laughing riot. Divakaran Kurup, an alcoholic, makes life extremely difficult for his wife and daughter due to his drinking problems. Gireesh PP, yet another alcoholic, falls in love with Divakaran’s daughter. Will Divakaran accept Gireesh? Watch to know.

Releasing on: Manorama Max


OTT Malayalam Movie Releases In January 2023

In simple words, the film explores Thiruvananthapuram’s underworld. When an IT employee and his wife get entangled with the notorious gangs of Thiruvananthapuram, their life takes a life-threatening turn. Kappa is a typical gang war story and a drama to watch on a lazy day.

Releasing on: Netflix

These are all the OTT Malayalam releases in January 2023. Which one are you excited to watch? Let us know in the comments below.

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