5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Operation Java

While movie buffs are excited about the reopening of theatres, the actual number of folks going to the movies have reduced drastically owing to the pandemic fear. Movies like Drishyam 2 have taken off with an OTT release amidst one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns witnessed for a Malayalam Film. Operation Java, on the other hand, hit the theatres and received a lukewarm reception. But this gem of a movie is now available on Zee5.

So, here are 6 reasons that will compel you to watch this masterpiece. (We have done our best to keep it spoiler-free for you!)

The Build-up and the Suspense

Building up the suspense effectively is the core element in any crime-thriller movie and Operation Java ticked all these boxes. The tagline for the movie affirms that it’s a story of ‘unsung heroes’ and rightly focuses on the cases and lives of the police task force from the cyber cell. Much like the three-act structure followed in many films, Operation Java primarily deals with three cases the team has to handle – each getting progressively more sinister, all the while ensuring that the lives of the primary characters form a cohesive arc.

Operation Java I PinkLungi

Operation Java takes us on a journey with suspenseful elements that are spread throughout the movie evenly. The build-up, on the other hand, encompasses minor details like the lives of the two protagonists Dasan and Anthony and those close to them. Every piece of information shown in the movie is a part of a bigger picture. Exemplary story writing and scripting! 

Background Music is Kidu 

A good thriller movie should not only have background music that runs along with the plot but boosts the minute elements and keeps the audience hooked during a thrilling chase or car ride. The subtle successions in the BGM with the change in scenes kept the suspense element alive throughout the entire movie. With no unnecessary songs or force-fed beats, each recurring character/place had its own music, giving us enough time to accept the twist. Jakes Bejoy, who has composed for movies like Ranam and Ayyappanum Koshiyum continues his successful streak.

Interesting Procedural Storytelling format 

Movies of this genre are extremely rare in Malayalam cinema, barring Action Hero Biju – the extremely entertaining 2015 movie which documented the kind of cases and people that a regular police officer might come across on a day to day basis, all the while trying to bring aspects of his personal life in the limelight too. But where AHB failed, Operation Java passed with flying colours.

Operation Java

Debutant director Tharun Moorthy connected the various incidents strewn throughout the movie under a single hook. He has also furnished the exact amount of details to pull the plot forward thorough crosschecks. Each character and their life foreshadows the plot and elegantly tries to complete a character arc. The editing by Nishadh Yusuf requires a special appreciation without which this movie wouldn’t be so beautifully weaved. The movie does have its light moments but has scenes that put you on the edge of your seats. Of course, the cinematography by Faiz Siddik helps in that regard with beautiful frames, amazing lighting and long single takes that could give LJP a run for his money. All the dialogues have intensified the depth of the plot keeping the viewers waiting for the next scene with bated breath. All in all, it does give a deeper insight into the lives of our ‘unsung heroes’ we take for granted. 

Puts a Mirror up to the Society

The protagonists Vinay Dasan and Anthony begin the movie as unemployed youth with a lot of potentials. Prevalent truths like not all Engineer graduates get a job or high paying packages that their family can brag about are touched upon. The movie portrays them in a kinder light by avoiding making easy B.Tech jokes at their expense, and by making us feel their desperation.

Operation Java I PinkLungi
Operation Java I PinkLungi

The B.tech graduates continue to work in part-time jobs who then take up underpaying internships to continue surviving. It’s a topic/discussion that has come up more evidently in the past couple of years. The movie also spits facts about the lives of people working at temporary postings and daily wage workers in Government offices and other public and private sectors. Besides being at constant risk of losing their job, they do their best and are indeed a part of the ‘unsung heroes’ squad.

An eye-opener about Cyber Crimes and Frauds

India is no stranger to cybercrimes. Online frauds have become more widespread with the advancement in technology. From movie piracy to credit card scams and fake MMS scandals, the unaware are affected and fall prey to these vicious cyber-crimes. From a post on Facebook to the stuff we order online, we are constantly connected to the internet, which makes us more susceptible to these frauds.

Operation Java not only speaks about it but also shows us the intensity and the impact of these crimes on a common person who isn’t wary of the details we share online. The movie shines a light on the dark world that is built and misused solely with our confidential data.

Here’s the link to the movie on Zee5.

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