5 Malayalam Movie Characters Who Could Possibly Have Their Own Spin-off Movies

Malayalam cinema is home to several iconic and classic movies as well as characters. Certain characters are so unique that we’ve always wanted a full-fledged film that chronicles their life. I have picked out five Malayalam characters who could possibly have some of the best spin-off movies.

Dashamoolum Daamu from Chattambinaadu

5 Malayalam Movie Characters Who Could Possibly Have Their Own Spin-off Movies

Chattambinadu is a film that did average at the box office. The film tried to showcase Mammootty in a different kind of avatar but it didn’t really resonate with the masses. However, one character from the film stole the limelight and attained cult status.

Dashamoolum Daamu, played to perfection by Suraj Venjaramoodu, was in his prime form for portraying comical roles. Dashamoolum Daamu is an iconic character, whose photos and dialogue clippings are still used by the public as meme templates and for video troll bits. His role as a goon who is foolish by nature was loved by all.

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We all want to know the rise of Daamu and how he would fare as a goon in his own right. This particular storyline is going to be quite tricky to craft but would be worth it.

Arakkal Abu from Aadu

5 Malayalam Movie Characters Who Could Possibly Have Their Own Spin-off Movies

Another example of a character who could have a spin-off movie is Saiju Kurup’s Arakkal Abu from Aadu. This side character is so noteworthy that his name is used on buses, autos and so on. Saiju Kurup and his honest portrayal of this character struck a chord with the viewers due to which he saw a new phase in his acting career.

The character and its backstory are vividly described in both instalments of the Aadu franchise and it would be quite interesting to see Arakkal Abu’s past and how he joined Shaaji Paapan’s gang. I am sure it would be a hilarious as well as an absolutely entertaining ride. As we continue our wait for Aadu 3, let’s all push for a spin-off film for Arakkal Abu. 

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Advocate Mukundanunni from Meesha Madhavan

5 Malayalam Movie Characters Who Could Possibly Have Their Own Spin-off Movies

Salim Kumar as an advocate, delivering firebrand dialogues with a humorous touch, is a character that still remains quite fresh in all our minds. Advocate Mukundanunni from Meesa Madhavan acquired a huge fanbase with the way he silenced a tough cop through his firm dialogue delivery. His character in the film is so memorable that Mukundanunni had a subtle callback in the Dijo Jose Antony directorial Queen. Though Queen wasn’t an official spin-off, it got wanting to see more of Advocate Mukundanunni.

Ajas Ali from Bheeshma Parvam

Ajas Ali from Bheeshma Parvam

Bheeshma Parvam had all the Mammootty glamour we wanted to see. But the one character that really stood out and saw the possibility of having several backstories is that of Ajas Ali played by Soubin Shahir.

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Soubin was going through a creative slump but he found some shape in his craft through this role. The writer has intrigued the audience with Ajas’ character. We know what he is capable of through hearsay, but we don’t know his story at all.

A deep introspection into the character and a more nuanced take on Ajas’s life would make a great spin-off film. After the monumental success of Bheeshma Parvam and fans speculating it to be a predecessor of Big B, we can give a spin-off on Ajas’s life great backing and marketing.

Zayed Masood from Lucifer

Zayed Masood from Lucifer

Lucifer is a film that helped Mollywood enter the 200 crore club. The enormous success of the film made several scenes, dialogues and characters famous. Though Stephen Nedumpally holds the biggest fanbase, it would be quite interesting to see a spin-off film on Zayed Masood, who is the right-hand man of Khureshi Ab’raam.

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With the second and third instalments of this film series in the pipeline, a spin-off on Zayed Masood could be an intriguing watch. We would definitely want to watch a film that chronicles Zayed’s personal life and his experiences with the most wanted criminal Qureshi Abram. The possibility of Mohanlal’s cameo in the film gives me goosebumps.

Zayed Masood’s spin-off would be a high octane action thriller. It would be best suited for a theatre viewing. For those demanding an RRR or KGF from Mollywood, this could be the answer.

Here’s my choice of spin-off Malayalam movies I’d love to watch. I genuinely believe that spin-offs on these characters would be interesting, entertaining and intriguing to watch. Which other Malayalam characters do you think could serve as source material for great spin-off movies? Mention them in the comments below. 


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