Malayalam Movie Sequels We Are Eagerly Waiting For

Mollywood has always been a hub for exciting and entertaining films. However, the films which leave a possibility of having successors are very minimal. Here are a few Malayalam movie sequels that were officially announced, and got the viewers really excited to see them.


The CBI series, created by SN Swamy and K Madhu, was iconic in the ’90s and early 2000s. The masses loved the ever-efficient Sethurama Iyer, his technique of solving cases, his aura and his style. K Madhu himself had announced that a 5th instalment to the CBI franchise was in development. With the title and teaser out, we all are eager to see Mammootty slay it once again as the “most non-violent investigating officer”. The cast and crew of CBI 5 has some noted names in the industry. Another special fact about this film is that we get to see the legendary actor Jagathy Sreekumar make a comeback to acting after 10 long years. CBI 5 is expected to release in April itself and we hope it recreates the same magic as its predecessors. 

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L2: Empuraan

Lucifer is undoubtedly one of the finest mass movies to come out from Mollywood. With the film ending on such a high note and creating the hype for a second part, the masses were eager for it. L2: Empuraan is definitely a film that would bring Mohanlal back to his A-game, following the disappointing outings he has had lately. This is one of those Malayalam movie sequels we can’t wait to watch. Prithviraj, in an interview, confirmed that the pre-production works for L2: Empuraan has begun and hopefully by 2023, we should be able to catch this film on big screens. Let’s hope that this sequel does justice to its predecessors and opens more revenue markets for Mollywood. 

Malayalam Movie Sequels We Are Eagerly Waiting For

Aaram Pathira

Anjaam Pathira will always hold a top position in the list of psychological thrillers from Mollywood and probably from India. When Midhun Manuel Thomas announced a sequel to this brilliantly crafted thriller movie, everyone thought about the plot possibilities. While some developed their own conspiracy theories, others felt that the sequel would be an extension of Anwar Hussain, the character played by Kunchacko Boban, and his experiences with another high profile case. With only an announcement poster and no further developments on the same, we are quite unsure of when the film would release and how this film would turn out to be.

Malayalam Movie Sequels We Are Eagerly Waiting For

Adi Kapyaare Kootamani 2

Perhaps one of the most delayed sequels, Adi Kapyaare Kootamani 2 is a film I personally am really excited to watch. The first part was a sleeper hit at the box office. With a lot of humour and a bit of horror towards the end, Adi Kapyaare Kootamani was a fun ride. The film ends on a note, which sets the precedent for an interesting and unique kind of sequel. Within a few weeks of the first part’s release, the makers had announced that a second instalment to this fun ride is in its planning stages.

Adi Kapyaare Kootamani 2 I PinkLungi

Aadu 3

Midhun Manuel Thomas’s first venture as a director was the 2015 comedy film Aadu Oru Bheegarajeevi Aanu. This film tanked at the box office but it received so much praise and acclaim from the masses after its DVD release and television premiere. Due to this, the makers were forced to develop a sequel, in the form of Aadu 2. This quirky, fun and absolutely hilarious mad ride of a film had some quirky characters too. Seeing the enormous success of the second instalment, Vijay Babu and Midhun Manuel Thomas announced a third part for the film, which is supposedly going to be a 3D film. Fans of Aadu and Aadu 2 were absolutely excited by this announcement.

Malayalam Movie Sequels We Are Eagerly Waiting For

Drishyam 3

If there is a tag of the perfect criminal in Mollywood, undoubtedly, Georgekutty from Drishyam would be it. Drishyam ended in a situation where the thought of a sequel was impossible. So when Jeethu Joseph made an official announcement for the sequel, we were doubtful. He proved us wrong. In a media interaction, he had stated that he has the climax for a Drishyam 3 in his mind, and with that small piece of information, all viewers are eager to see Georgekutty and his family’s fate once again. Though an official release regarding Drishyam 3 hasn’t been released, I personally feel that Jeethu Joseph would conceive something which would serve as the perfect concluding material for this.

Drishyam 3 I PinkLungi

Minnal Murali 2

Mollywood’s first superhero film received enormous amounts of praise and acclaim from critics as well as viewers, not just from Kerala or India, but from around the world. Minnal Murali announced his arrival in style and set the stage on fire with a grounded yet realistic superhero story. Basil Joseph as well as Tovino Thomas, in multiple media interactions, revealed that a sequel is being developed. The creators have been quite intelligent by keeping Minnal Murali as realistic and relatable as possible. It would definitely be quite interesting to see how the makers craft out more rooted storylines.

Malayalam Movie Sequels We Are Eagerly Waiting For


If there is any film that changed the dynamics of a mass masala movie in Mollywood, it has to be Amal Neerad’s debut directorial venture Big B. The impact it created among the masses and the cult status it acquired over the years are unparalleled. Unni R’s writing and Amal Neerad’s making served as a standard in Malayalam movie-making. When Amal Neerad announced that he is teaming up with Mammootty for a film, everyone expected it to be Bilal, but it turned out to be Bheeshma Parvam. Amal Neerad has, however, confirmed that the scripting of Bilal is on.

Bilal PinkLungi

Jana Gana Mana 2

Ok, before you attack me, let me get one thing clear. Being hyped up for a sequel even before the release of the first part is quite weird. But, if the makers and the crew are completely sure of the content they have, there is no issue in doing the same. Jana Gana Mana is a film that has so many expectations attached to it, especially after showcasing us a spectacular teaser and a mind-blowing trailer. The visuals of the teaser and trailer are scenes from the sequel and sets a precedent for what we would get to see in this sequel. The teaser and trailer promise the viewers a socio-political commentary, wherein the first film showcases the problems and the second film escalates to showcase the repercussions of the problems. I am eagerly waiting to catch Jana Gana Mana in theatres and am equally excited for the second part.

These are a few Malayalam movie sequels I believe we all have been eagerly waiting for. With some announced, some in the pre-production stages and some ready for release, it’s just a matter of time to see whether these much-awaited Malayalam movie sequels live up to the expectations or not. Which other sequels are you eagerly waiting for? Mention them in the comments below. 


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