5 Malayalam Actors Who Tweaked Their Script Selection And Found Immense Success

Mollywood is home to several talented artists. These artists have strived to put forth some memorable acting performances. Some of them were specifically known for the type of roles they played that proved to be successful. However, after a point of time, it started to become a typecast and boredom led the way. In this article, I am going to discuss five artists who dared to shift their track with a variety in the script selection. So in no particular order, here are the five artists who I believe rediscovered themselves in recent years. 

Kunchacko Boban

5 Malayalam Actors Who Tweaked Their Script Selection And Found Immense Success

Kunchacko Boban is an actor who has been in the industry for over 25 years. From debuting in a Fazil film to becoming a heartthrob among youngsters, Kunchacko Boban found immense success in his career. He soon started to shift to the comedy genre, where he initially succeeded. But, eventually, he ended up picking films that were mediocre and cringy. He started to lose his acting mojo by repeatedly starring in comedy films that had disappointing storylines.

It was in Vettah where Kunchacko portrayed a character that had different shades and really surprised us. Post that, he made script selections by giving importance to the storyline and the character he would portray rather than the genre. We saw him put forth some splendid performances in Ramante Edenthottam, Take Off, Allu Ramendran, Virus, Anjaam Pathira, Nizhal, Nayattu and the recent Bheemante Vazhi. Each of these films saw Kunchacko Boban showcase the acting prowess he possesses. In fact, he left us wondering why he hadn’t chosen his scripts carefully earlier on itself.

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5 Malayalam Actors Who Tweaked Their Script Selection And Found Immense Success

Baburaj is an artist who is a prominent face in Mollywood. After having started off in uncredited side roles, to portraying villainous roles or assistants to villainous characters, Baburaj evolved as an actor. However, after a point of time, he started getting typecast in villain roles, which became rather boring to watch. That’s when the Aashiq Abu directorial Salt N’ Pepper was released and changed the dynamics for Baburaj as an actor. For the first time, he was seen as a comic relief in a film and he did absolute wonders. The creative decision to cast Baburaj in the role, as well as Baburaj’s personal choice of doing the film, marked the beginning of a new inning for the artist.

From there on, he starred in several films as a comic relief and delivered every time. Even though he became associated with humour, he broke the barrier again by playing bold characters later on. The most successful one amongst his choices is Joji, where we saw him play the role of Jomon Panachel with such ease and perfection. Baburaj and his choices has helped him build a reputation for himself as an actor who would deliver through his script selection.


5 Malayalam Actors Who Tweaked Their Script Selection And Found Immense Success

Would anyone have imagined that a tailor could become one of the industry’s most respected and talented artists? Well, I am sure Indrans himself wouldn’t have thought so. But, here he is, winning our hearts continuously with spectacular performances.

From working as a tailor to becoming a costume assistant in films, and gradually starring in small roles, which were later upgraded to filler roles for a comic relief, Indrans is an artist who was heavily exploited. The talent he possessed as an artist was made use of for just comic fillers and side roles, which didn’t have an impact on the main narrative of films. However, his choice to strategically move out of the humour zone and portray real characters was perhaps one of his biggest decisions.

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After having won a state award for best actor in Aalorukkam, his career graph changed in an unexpected manner. He started starring in several films in roles we never had imagined him to be in. Be it as a psychopathic killer in Anjaam Pathira, the sick Razak in Virus or the technologically backward Oliver Twist in Home, Indran grew to become one of the biggest revelations in the recent history of Malayalam cinema.

Jaffar Idukki

5 Malayalam Actors Who Tweaked Their Script Selection And Found Immense Success

While starting his acting career in 2007, Jaffar Idukki wouldn’t have thought that he would reach the position where he is today. From portraying blink and miss roles to formidable side roles which used to invoke humour in films, Jaffar saw a significant improvement in the roles he received. However, when he saw that he was going to get typecasted, he started picking up films and roles that really challenged the actor in him. Take Maheshinte Prathikaram as an example

From there on, he started picking up roles very carefully. Jallikattu was the major turning point in his career. It is from this film onwards that Jaffar Idukki started acting in almost all Malayalam films.

Jaffar Idukki has had a rollercoaster ride with his filmography and script selection, which currently adds him to the elite list of actors in the industry. He is no longer seen just as a comedian but an artist who can pull off a villainous role, main protagonist or even a side character.

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Suraj Venjaramoodu

Suraj Venjaramoodu

We all went in to watch Action Hero Biju with the mentality that it is going to be an out and out Nivin Pauly show, but it was Suraj Venjaramoodu who stole the limelight. We saw a character named Pavithran for screen time of barely 10 minutes, but the impact he created was huge. Some of us couldn’t even believe that it was Suraj who was playing the character.

From being the ever famous Dashamoolam Daamu in Chattambinaadu to the Swamiji in Teja Bhai and Family, Suraj has offered us such memorable comical roles. But when Abrid Shine showed us Suraj, the real actor, in Action Hero Biju, it was refreshing.

Now when we see a film with an extreme emotional arc, we would naturally want Suraj to portray it. He has set a benchmark for physical acting with his outstanding performance in Android Kunjappan. However, with all the intense roles he plays nowadays, it has become very difficult for us to picturise him in comic roles.

Recently, in Kodathi Samaksham Baalan Vakkeel, Suraj tried his hand at comedy but didn’t really connect with the viewers. He is now considered to be the artist who can do any intense role, except comedy. But as a fan of his comic timing and expressions, it would be an absolute treat to watch him return to the comedy genre.

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These are a few actors I believe changed their script selection process and found success in their acting careers. There are a lot of actors who fall into this category. Who do you think is an actor whose script selection changed their fate in the film industry? Drop their names in the comments below. 


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