15 Things That Every Lazy Person Should Own

According to the internet, Bill Gates said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” I am not sure if Bill Gates really said this, but I can vouch for the second part of that quote.

As a lazy person, I know I’m always on the lookout for an easy way to do anything and everything. In my quest to find these easy ways, I’ve stumbled on multiple products that have helped me lead the ‘lazy life’. So I thought I’d share these amazing 8 products with the rest of the lazy world!

Note: The prices are what they were, and items were in stock, as of the time of publication.

Vegetable Chopper

Chopping vegetables, especially onions, is a pain to any person; even more so for a lazy person. And that’s why some good soul invented this contraption! All you have to do is cut the veggies into rough pieces that fit into the container, put the lid on, and pull the thread a couple of times. This gadget will chop your veggies to perfection. 

Price: ₹291.00

Buy it here.

P.S. This has become one of my mom’s most prized kitchen possessions now.

Flexible Mobile Holder

Some of us are too lazy to power up our laptops to watch our favourite movies/shows so we watch everything on our phones. Now if you fall into this category, you must’ve gotten tired of holding your phone all the time, especially when you’re lying down. Let me introduce you to a gadget that’s a total lifesaver. This mobile holder is perfect for when you’re lying down and watching something; not only are your hands-free from the toil of holding the phone, you can put them to better use (like stuff snacks into your mouth)! 

Price: ₹299.00

Buy it here.

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Smart LED

Do you hate walking to the switchboard to turn off and on the lights in your house? Well, if you have a WiFi connection and a smartphone, this little gadget will be the best thing you’ve gotten yourself this year. Not only can you turn it off and on from the comfort of your bed/couch, but also change colours (any one of 16 million that it can turn into)! You can plug this into any regular bulb socket and you won’t have to worry about walking to the switchboard again.

Price: ₹569.00

Buy it here.

Hand Steamer

I hate ironing clothes; who wants to go through the pain of placing it on a flat surface and running an iron over the damn thing?! And that’s when I discovered this handheld steamer. This little gadget will let you do ‘udayipp’ ironing and help avoid snarky remarks from people who would normally point out wrinkles on your clothes. 

Price: ₹679.00

Buy it here.

Electric Kettle

The worst part about being a lazy person who likes coffee/tea is the washing of the vessel after you’ve made the concoction. The electric kettle sorts that out. If you aren’t a ‘connoisseur’, you can get instant coffee or tea bags and then, all you’ll have to do is add it to a cup and pour hot water from the kettle. Easy peasy! 

Price: ₹548.00

Buy it here.

Back Scratcher

Ever had an itch on your back in a spot that you couldn’t reach? Well, that’s why this contraption exists. This personal t-rex hand will help extend your reach and thereby, come in handy to not just scratch your back, but pull things that are beyond your arm’s length. 

Price: ₹189.00

Buy it here.

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Neck Fan

You’ve seen portable fans before, I’m sure. But how about one that hangs around your neck and directs a constant gush of air towards you? This rechargeable neck fan is exactly what you’re looking for! 

Price: ₹449.00

Buy it here.

Hair Oil Applicator

Maintaining your hair is a tough job. And the toughest part of it, if you ask me, is applying oil. It gets messy, and unless you have someone to massage your head, it can be quite a monotonous affair. If you feel the same, then you should get yourself this hair applicator bottle. It comes with a “comb cap” that makes sure the oil flows into your scalp and nourishes all your hair follicles.

Price: ₹117.50

Buy it here.

Electric Roti Maker

Who has the time to knead and roll chapati dough, put it on a tawa, and wait for it to cook?! Not me for sure! That’s why you should invest in an electric roti maker that will give you perfectly round chapatis without any hassle. Save time. Save effort!

Price: ₹1479

Buy it here.

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Self Stirring Mug

Shocked much? It’s true! This magical mug has a motor that stirs the contents of the mug with a click of a button. You’re welcome!

Price: ₹349

Buy it here.

Lazy Readers Prism Glasses 

Any readers here? You will fall in love with these glasses. We all know how uncomfortable it can get to read a book while lying on a bed facing upward. With these glasses, you can lie in bed and read books easily.

Price: ₹520

Buy it here.

Mop Slippers

Bid goodbye to regular mops, and say hello to mop slippers. Now you can clean the floor every time you use these slippers. Oh btw, don’t forget to wash them every now and then. 

Price: ₹199

Buy it here.

5 Layers Scissors

Chopping leafy veggies cannot get easier! This particular scissor is used to cut all your leafy veggies that usually take a lot of time. You can thank me later.

Price: ₹359

Buy it here.

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Filter Spoon Strainer with Clip

Some of us hate frying food items because of that tiny splatter of hot oil that burns us every single time. If you, like me, are tired of making Michael Jackson sounds every time this happens, there’s this really cool equipment. It will not only strain the oil but also keeps your fingers safe from burns. How cool!

Price: ₹359

Buy it here.

Smartphone Sanitiser

Yes, such a thing exists! This UV disinfection box has a strong UV-C lamp and is compatible with all phones up to 6.5 inches. You can also sanitise your face masks, watches, jewellery, glasses, keys, earphones, toothbrushes and other small objects. 

Price: ₹1,799

Buy it here.

That was my list. Do you have other gadgets and contraptions you’d like to recommend to fellow lazy bums? Tell us in the comments section!

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